Goat Cheese Chicken Pasta

Creamy Rosemary & Goat Cheese Chicken Pasta

Okay, so let me start out this post by mentioning how I haven't cooked pasta at home for a while now that we've been following a healthier diet. That being said, this Goat Cheese Chicken Pasta was devoured in a matter of minutes by Dustin and me. Oh, my, the creaminess. I've always loved goat cheese on just about anything - salads, pizza, burgers, spoons... So, naturally, if you added goat cheese to a creamy chicken pasta dish with some freshly picked rosemary from my garden, it's a pretty safe bet it'd be a good match. With my face! Often times, I've noticed that, with chicken pastas, people add chicken breast instead of chicken thighs.  Now, chicken breasts are totally fine to use and are actually a healthier (leaner) choice than chicken thighs.  But, the ...

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