How To Eat Healthy And Not Hate your Food

How To Eat Healthy And Not Hate Your Food

One of the biggest reasons why people resist starting to eat healthy is they don't want to give up the food they love.  They look at "healthy" food as something that isn't tasty, desirable, or something they would love. I mean, the thought of never having another pizza, coke, or cheesecake again can be very, very difficult concept.  This is especially if you're changing to a lifestyle where you're just eating carrots and celery sticks and can only have bland chicken breast for dinner, right? Except, there's this one thing...  It's just not true. The good news is you can totally have the things you love AND eat healthy.  You just need to have a plan that makes sense and works for you.  In this post, I'm gonna show you how to eat healthy and not hate your food. So, let me ...

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