How To Make Hot Chocolate Mix - Ready To Drink

{Jordan Cooks} How To Make Hot Chocolate Mix

This post was last updated on January 30, 2015 to include a recipe video. Can you tell I'm excited for the Fall to be here? Recently, I've posted about a hearty beef stew, an eggnog latte and, now, a homemade hot chocolate mix. Bring it! I am a big fan of hot chocolate.  And so are the girls.  And Dustin. I typically keep a box of hot chocolate mix, usually one like Swiss Miss, in the pantry so we can have our little hot cocoa fix every now and then. In the Fall and Winter, though, we go through those boxes pretty quickly.  The problem with those mixes is: when you're out, you're out. No hot cocoa mix = no hot cocoa = sad little puppy faces on the girls (and, ok, on me, too). For instance, the other day, we all wanted some hot chocolate and there was no ...

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