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Lacey Baier

Hey ya’ll! I’m Lacey. Welcome to my food story. I make no-fail recipes, run a meal planning service called No-Fail Meals, cook and take photos of food, and, in general try to help with making food and life better, easier, and healthier. My husband, Dustin, does the tech and business type stuff plus he lifts weights which means he’s super useful with carrying all the groceries. His brother, Sean, shoots our videos and is full of jokes and pizza. You can read more about them below.

I’ve spent the last five years building A Sweet Pea Chef into the food blog you see today. It all started with my first kiddo, Jordan. Then, the jordan-and-hunter business almost died when we had our second daughter, Savannah, ♥ when I had to go back to work. Finally, we made it work after the third one, or only boy, Hunter. Woohoo! Wait — three kids? Wow, seems like a lot when I look back on it lol. :)

I love cooking food from scratch and, when I can, figuring out how to eat clean. Like a lot of people, I have struggled with weight before finally keeping it off :) If you need help on this, I’m here for ya.

My favorite ingredients are definitely cinnamon, pistachios, and dates. My favorite food is Mexican food — wait, maybe Italian. Or Burgers. I can’t decide. Did I mention I love food?

savannahOn a more personal level, I’m constantly trying to push myself to improve, whether it’s in fitness, cooking, or photography. I always like learning new things and taking that next step. Dustin says I don’t always know what I want, but if you point me in a direction, I will make it happen lol.

And, cause everyone asks for it, here’s everything I love in my kitchen.

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Dustin Baier

Dustin Baier

Dustin is the software developer, tech guy and business brains for A Sweet Pea Chef. He is behind all things WordPress, SEO, and any analytics we need to look at. He is also a diehard Texas Rangers fan and is addicted to Dr. Pepper. He totally listens to Lonely Island’s “I’m On a Boat” way too often.

If it’s important enough you’ll make the time.

Sean Baier

Sean Baier

Sean is the web designer and artist for A Sweet Pea Chef. He also shoots and produces all our videos. He is our creative ninja and is always using Photoshop or Premier Pro. He can do tons of impressions and spends his time at the gym when not in front of a computer.

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