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Lacey BaierHi there and welcome to A Sweet Pea Chef!  My name is Lacey and I’m so glad you’re here. I am a foodie, a photographer and a chef.  But, most importantly, I am the mother of three adorable little kiddos (Jordan, Savannah and Hunter) and am madly in love with and married to my high school sweetheart, Dustin.

Dustin is very much a part of A Sweet Pea Chef.  Not only has he supported me to pursue my passions for food, photography and enjoying the simple life, but he’s also the real brains behind this whole operation — planning out our business plans, finding new ways to improve the blog and grow our income and handling most of the tech-related needs along the way.  Dustin also works in the tech world — he’s a software engineer for a large, international company.

Why is it called A Sweet Pea Chef?  We chose that name for several reasons.  First, my dad used to call me “Sweet Pea” when I was Lacey and Dustin
growing up and so the nickname always brings back positive memories for me.  Second, this blog really became possible after the birth of our first child, Jordan, in May of 2009.  Back then, I was working in the social services as a child welfare social worker for abused and neglected children.  My viewpoint on the world wasn’t exactly the greatest and I had become pretty hardened.  The incredible experience of having Jordan opened my eyes to how much more there was to experience, pursue and enjoy about life.  Jordan was my first sweet pea and, since then, we have now added our two other little sweet peas, Savannah and Hunter.

While we tended to have reservations that blocked our growth, we have learned that joy comes from embracing what you want and just going for it.  That’s how we wound up with our amazing family, our move to Austin and this blog.

Dustin BaierOriginally, we started this blog with me as the Sweet Pea Chef to correspond with my personal chef business in San Diego, California.  Dustin helped on the back end, of course, but I was the face of everything because it was my business.  It turned out, however, that I fell in love with the blog, not the personal chef business.  Thankfully, we found that people enjoyed my recipes, writing and photographs so the blog grew and grew.   In the process, Dustin and I found we really enjoyed working together and that we complimented each other quite nicely.  He got his entrepreneurial fix while I got my creative outlet.

Both Dustin and I have always enjoyed cooking and, well, eating so a food blog is a perfect fit for us.  We are always looking for new recipes to try and new methods of cooking.  We believe food should be a joyous and celebrated part of one’s day. Oh — and it should, of course, be easy and not intimidating!

We realized a couple years ago how valuable simple and straight-forward information is in the world of nonsense online.  That’s why we decided to offer tips on blogging, cooking, and photography on the blog in addition to recipes and cookbooks.  With so much information out there, we want this blog to be an easy way for people to learn and to improve if they’re interested in doing so.

Come join us as we continue to learn about Austin, business, parenthood, photography, food, family and ourselves along the way.

Oh — and if you’d like to contact one of us, feel free to shoot us an email at lacey [at] sweetpeachef.com or dustin [at] sweetpeachef.com.

See you around!

Lacey & Dustin

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