Spicy Mini Crab Cakes (and a Giveaway!)

If you already follow me on twitter or on facebook, **hint hint** you probably know I entered the "I am a Saucy Mama" contest offered by Barhyte Specialty Foods.  To participate in the contest, you needed to be a food blogger and be willing to create a recipe using at least one of their ingredients.  [...]

Best Crab Cakes with Lemon-Dill Aioli

Would you believe I had never tasted a crab cake until earlier this year? Crazy, right? Oddly enough, it happened in Las Vegas. Dustin and I went out to a nice seafood restaurant called Chart House while our friends watched Jordan at the hotel. Mind you, this was our first night out without Jordan. Ever. [...]

Tomato Bruschetta

I love bruschetta. Bruschetta is one of those foods you can eat as an appetizer, snack or meal. It also presents as super impressive even though it's not that difficult to make, which is totally my kinda dish!  In fact, I can't see fresh tomatoes, especially home-grown tomatoes, without thinking how great they would be [...]

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