Apple Cider Pulled Pork Sandwich

Apple Cider Pulled Pork Sandwiches

You can bet I ate my weight in barbecue while recently traveling through Texas. One meal I couldn't quite get enough of was a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top.  I had tried this sandwich a few times in California with mixed results, so I was very excited for our Texas trip to try [...]

Italian Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed Manicotti

I was looking for a new recipe and happened to stumble upon For the Love of Cooking and Pam's Turkey Italian Sausage and Mushroom Stuffed Manicotti. As I've mentioned before, I love me some Italian food so I'm always happy for great new recipes to add to my collection. Really, can you go wrong with [...]

Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Ribs for the 4th of July

For the 4th of July, Dustin and I (and Jordan) have started a tradition of participating in the Scripps Ranch Annual Run and Ride followed by making my barbecue ribs for dinner. Last year, Dustin completed the 10k, but I was only able to complete the 2 mile "fun run" because I had just had [...]

Rye-Stuffed Pork Chops

In my last post, I showed you how to make yummy mashed sweet potatoes.  Today, I share my favorite pork chop recipe with you (that just-so-happens to complement the mashed sweet potatoes perfectly).  See how I did that?  I'm so tricky, I know.  Please, hold your applause. I've mentioned before that I read Cuisine At Home [...]

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