What Kind of Food Blog Will You Be?

Welcome to my first lesson in my series on How To Start A Food Blog!

How To Start A Food Blog by Lacey Baier, a sweet pea chef

As you may know, there are many important aspects to consider prior to starting a food blog.  Sure…there will be cooking and writing about the cooking and even photographing the food.  But, long before any of that ever takes place, it’s necessary to lay the groundwork for your blog.  What do I mean by “lay the groundwork?”  Why, I’m so glad you asked!

You see….there is the blog and then there are the bones of the blog.  The bones of the blog consist of your domain name, the design and layout of the web page, the content on your blog, the web hosting service you choose, etc.  Shoot — even your ad network, should you choose to use one (and I recommend you do!) and the font you use all make up what I call the bones of the blog.  Without this foundation, there isn’t much else but content and, while your content may be great, it wont reach your audience.

As part of a good foundation, it’s important to decide what type of blog you will be.  Now, you may be thinking, “Um…a food blog?”  And, this is a perfectly good answer…for starters.

But, it’s also important to consider what type of food blog you would like to have.  For instance, are you wanting to…

  1. Make this into a career?
  2. Share your cooking experiences with the rest of us?
  3. Create a recipe index for yourself?
  4. Share a new way of cooking (i.e. healthy, easy, special diet niche)?
  5. Share other people’s food (i.e. restaurant reviews)?
  6. Something else?

Are you looking to earn money?   Have a simple recipe index?   Or just chronicle your cooking adventures?

This is an important question to consider because its answer will help dictate what type of layout you will choose for your site, how professional you want/need your site to look and possibly even your blog’s name.

If you’re looking to make money with your food blog, you’ll want a professional-looking, clean and easy-to-navigate site so people (i.e. readers and potential customers) will be impressed by what you present and will look to you as an expert.  If you’re wanting to just have a fun food blog where you share your life and cooking experiences, then the layout and blog name can be much more whimsical.

Now, this is not to say there aren’t very simple food blogs out there making money, but, generally speaking, it helps you as a blogger to have a clear goal in mind for your blog because it will help you determine what content to post and will keep you from appearing scattered or disorganized to your readers.

I hope you find this content helpful.  Stay tuned for more lessons in this series.  Please contact me if you’d like more in-debth, hands-on assistance, as I also offer consulting services to help you get started or to improve your current blog.


  1. says

    Lacey – GREAT idea to post about how to start up a food blog. I started my own blog about 9 months ago. I’ve done my best to keep it updated and looking professional, but I’ve had a hard time getting the number of daily visitors that I had intended for. I finally got around to getting my own domain (www.all-food-considered.com), so we’ll see how that works out. Thanks for the advice, and keep up the good work!

  2. toni says

    I’d love to have more information on how to start a blog. I’ve toyed with the idea for awhile and I’m just not sure how to get started and what some of the different options are. I hope there will be more lessons to come or maybe you can email me with more info.

    • says

      Hey Toni! Thanks for the feedback with your interest in starting a food blog. I am seriously considering a webinar and, if enough people are interested, I will arrange it. Please also feel free to email me if you have any specific questions :)

  3. says

    This is a great post and topic. I started my first food blog in 2007 and had to abandon it due to lack of focus and drive. I started my current blog in 2009 and thought I had a good plan for what I would cover, but it’s still a morphing thing. I think that if you aren’t really sure how you want to focus your blog, try a few “test” posts out in different styles, even basing them on your favorite blogs for inspiration if necessary. See which one exhausted you and which one made you feel awesome. Maybe you actually enjoy posting about restaurants more than you thought you would!

    • says

      Thank you so much for sharing, Jen. Trying a few “test” posts is a great idea — I totally agree that it does take time to figure out what you want to do and what fits the best. I also agree the blog inevitably changes and morphs as time goes by. Very good points!

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