One day, I’d like to…

So, Dustin, Jordan and I have officially moved to Texas and are now Austin residents.  Can you believe it?

I was hoping to post a bunch of pictures of our new place and my new kitchen for this post, but there were — and remain to be — just too many darn boxes in the way to take photos.  Ugh.  Boxes.

Instead, I thought I’d share with you a dream I have for one day…in the (hopefully) near future.  I haven’t discussed this on my blog before because it has always felt like such a far away pipe dream.  But, now that our once-far-away-pipe-dream of moving to Austin has actually materialized, I figured it’s time to give this new dream a spotlight.

Homemade Pizza Dough
Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza
Chicken Alfredo Pizza with Spinach and Red Onions

Sounds like a reasonable thought, right: start talking about it like it could actually happen and it might just actually happen?

So, here it goes…

One day, I’d like to open up a little pizza and wine bar with Dustin.  Not too fancy.  Not too casual.  Just delicious food, great wine and a comfortable atmosphere.  I would love to create a simple Italian-inspired menu of appetizers, salads, pizzas and, of course, desserts for the restaurant.

Well…my dream is also for the restaurant to become fabulously popular and for everyone to adore my food and style.  I mean…we are being honest, right?  Heehee.

Anyways, just thought I’d share.  Do you have any dreams you’d like to share?  Just add it in the comments.

Have a great weekend!



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    I would SO visit your pizza & wine bar in Austin…with a smile on my face and a napkin tucked in the neck of my shirt. I hope your dream comes true. Just keep believing you can do it!

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    Wow, that was FAST! I’m sure it wasn’t actually all that fast to you, being right in the midst of the move! congratulations on arriving safely at your destination in your new home. It must feel so good, and yeah, unpacking all those boxes is a chore, and all seems chaotic right now, but the end result is your complete hearth and home.
    I love your dream of opening a small pizza joint, and I love that you’ve chosen to share it here with your readers. Doesn’t it make it more real, and even bigger and more possible when we put it down in writing and share it? My dream is to own an awesome dSLR camera some day, photograph my way through my life, and share it! all the best to you and your beautiful family Lacey.

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      Thanks, Miss Becky! I agree — it definitely makes the dream feel more like a possible reality by sharing it here. I hope your dream comes true as well. I’d also love an amazing camera someday…. First I think I’d need to fully understand my “moderately-priced” camera though :)

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