Poll Results: Which famous food sounds the best?


I’d like to wish my favorite little “goose” a very special happy 2nd birthday.  Happy birthday, Jordan Lily!  You are an amazing little girl and we are so happy to have you in our lives.


Yay!  The results are in for my latest poll!  Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

This poll included some famous and tasty food from around the country and asked you to choose which sounded best.

Poll Results: Which famous food sounds the best?

We had a total of 273 votes for this poll which is, by far, the highest voting total yet.  How cool is that?  My vote was for Chicago style hot dogs and Dustin’s vote was for Louisiana gumbo, but the clear winner in this poll was New York style pizza.

Why is it my vote is always for a choice in the lowest of the totals?  Hmm…

Here’s a breakdown of the results for this poll:

  • FIRST PLACE: New York style pizza with 96 votes (35% overall)
  • SECOND PLACE: St. Louis ribs with 64 votes (23% overall)
  • THIRD PLACE: Louisiana gumbo with 39 votes (15% overall)
  • FOURTH PLACE TIE: Chicago style hot dogs with 37 votes (14% overall)
  • FOURTH PLACE TIE: New England clam chowder with 37 votes (14% overall)

I’m looking forward to trying my hand at a New York style pizza.  Dustin’s requesting (surprise, surprise) sausage and pepperoni for the toppings.  I think some Canadian bacon and pineapple sounds good.  What toppings sound good to you?

Be sure to vote in my next poll!  I’m interested in knowing if you follow a special diet so I can be sure to include some special recipes for you on the blog.  If your diet isn’t listed in the poll options, (sorry!) just add it in the comments.  Also, feel free to leave ideas for future polls, as I love to hear your suggestions.

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