Poll Results: What Should Be My New Project?

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The results from my latest poll are in.  As always, thank you very, very much to those of you who voted.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support and participation on my site.  You rock.  Pretty much.

In case you missed it, my last poll asked the question, “What Should Be My New Project?”  After finishing and releasing my new cookbook, Cooking Can Be Easy,” I wanted to see what you all thought I should work on next.

Poll Results: What Should Be My New Project?

So, what project did you pick?  We had a total of 105 votes for this poll.  The results were much closer than usual.  This makes me happy, as I have hopes to get around to all of these projects in due time. The winner this time was Video Cooking Tips.  Dustin has been trying to get me to post videos on my site for quite some time, but I didn’t think anyone would be interested and I really didn’t feel like getting behind a camera…until now.  So, Dustin thanks all of you who voted for this project.

Here are the results:

  • FIRST PLACE: Video Cooking Tips with 32 votes (30% overall)
  • SECOND PLACE: How To Start A Food Blog (Email Course) with 27 votes (26% overall)
  • THIRD PLACE: Meal Planning Service with 21 votes (20% overall)
  • FOURTH PLACE : How To Start A Personal Chef Business (ebook) with 14 votes (13% overall)
  • FIFTH PLACE : Intro to Photography (ebook) with 10 votes (10% overall)

Thanks again for your votes!  I have actually started taping a few Cooking Tip videos already and hope to be posting them soon.  Please, no laughing.  I beg you.

I hope you also take a moment to vote in my newest poll.  Several people have approached me asking if my downloadable cookbook, Cooking Can Be Easy, could be published into a physical book.  Would you like this, too?  If there are enough people who say they’d be interested, I’ll get the ball rolling on publishing my cookbook!  How cool would that be?  Heehee.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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