Austin Food Trailer Spotlight: Collie’s

It’s been a while since I reviewed a local Austin Food Trailer, hasn’t it?

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's width=

This absence in posting a review by no means signifies an absence of Dustin and me trying out new food carts around Austin. Quite the contrary, actually. There are so many to choose from and so many options and locations — it’s such a neat way to dine!

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

One food trailer we have come to love is Collie’s.  Oh my goodness, people: These guys know how to make a great burger.

If you do a basic search on yelp or Google for the Best Burger in Austin, you’ll see there are a lot of people with a lot of differing views.  Sometimes people even get downright nasty and mean about it.

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

My stance?  A great burger is a great burger and Collie’s is definitely a strong contender for Austin’s best burger.

Collie’s is located in the South Lamar Trailer Bazaar along with a few other food trailers.  They have a very cool walk-in retro trailer so you can actually see Mr. Collie himself cooking the burgers.  On the menu are several unique variations of burgers.  They have their Signature Cheeseburger (which I have ordered twice and is super tasty goodness), a Cremini Mushroom and Swiss Burger, a Lexi’s Dixie Burger which comes with grandma’s special recipe coleslaw on top as well as handful of more options.  In addition to their burgers, they have fries, chili, funnel cakes and more.

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

In order to explain to you just how good Collie’s burgers are, I have to explain a few things first:

  1. I don’t usually love burgers.  I like them, but I don’t normally love them.
  2. I’m very picky about the thickness of patty on my burgers, usually preferring them to be on the thinner side.
  3. I will very rarely finish an entire burger.

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

Okay, so now that I have said that, let me tell you this about Collie’s:

  1. I absolutely love their burgers.
  2. Their burgers have humongous 1/2 pound patties.
  3. I have eaten every last morsel of my burger each time I have eaten there.

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

All in all, we have really enjoyed eating at Collie’s.  Their burgers are made with part chuck and part brisket, all hand-ground, and are melt-in-your-mouth.  Seriously.  Plus, they aim to please and will even make things off the menu or let you sample items (like tasty Apple Fries) just to share the goodness.  I highly recommend you go and check them out.

Austin Food Trailer Review: Collie's

In the meantime, I’ll keep eating my way around Austin to find more awesome places to share.

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