Lacey’s “Hard” Sweet Tea

Did you know they don't sell hard alcohol on Sundays in Texas? Me neither. Did you know they don't sell hard alcohol -- at all -- in supermarkets in Texas? Me neither. That last fact would have been *super* helpful last week and would have kept me from: (1) walking around the Beer and Wine [...]



Virgin Sangria

I really wanted to make some tasty sangria this summer. I got the idea to make my own sangria after going wine tasting with friends in Temecula, California.  Falkner Winery, one of the wineries we visited, has a recipe for sangria that uses two bottles of their Luscious Lips red wine which is absolutely delicious. [...]



Homemade Mint Lemonade

Maybe because it's summer. Maybe because it's finally sunny in San Diego. Maybe because I'm really looking forward to our trip to Austin in October. Maybe because I love lemons...and mint. For whatever reason, I really wanted some homemade lemonade. Some homemade mint lemonade. For me, homemade lemonade makes me think of front porches and [...]