19 Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar + How To Drink It

Lately, everybody seems to be saying apple cider vinegar is amazing and it has so many health benefits.  Wanna know why and what those benefits are, specifically? Here are all the reasons why everyone is drinking apple cider vinegar plus helpful tips for how to incorporate apple cider vinegar to your diet.

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Apple cider vinegar is everywhere. Everybody talks about it and everybody seems to love it. Is this just a new hype or is apple cider vinegar actually amazing? Are there actual health benefits of apple cider vinegar?

First of all, there’s nothing new here. Apple cider vinegar was used as a natural remedy for health problems for a very long period of time. In fact, it’s an ancient remedy. It seems that we’re becoming more aware of those benefits these days, but they were always there. It’s a re-discovery, if you will.

More people are trying to improve their life by making healthier and more natural choices these days and that’s why you’ll see apple cider vinegar pretty much anywhere there’s a conversation about health, food, and natural remedies.

So I’ll get my POV right out here: I think Apple Cider Vinegar (aka ACV) is amazing. Seriously, AH-MAZING.

And most of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar are endorsed by science — so nope, not just a hype.

However, despite being so amazing, apple cider vinegar won’t work miracles. And it won’t replace a balanced diet and exercise. It promotes health and it helps you maintain it, but drinking apple cider vinegar won’t have a major impact unless you’re making other steps towards your health. No remedy can do that. Moderation is always key.

A bottle of organic apple cider vinegar.


Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar made from apples. Duh, right?  More specifically, it’s fermented apple juice.

To make apple cider vinegar, apples are crushed and exposed to yeast. By doing this, the natural sugar from the apple is fermented over time and turned into alcohol (like you would do with wine). Sounds like making apple cider, right? Yeah, because the process is similar. The difference is the apple cider vinegar is fermented twice –once to make alcoholic cider and a second time to make it vinegar.


As crazy as it may sound at first, drinking apple cider vinegar will bring you many health benefits which will be discussed in detail in just a sec. Aside from health benefits, apple cider vinegar also reduces cravings by inducing satiety which means apple cider vinegar is great for weight loss or for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but apple cider vinegar is filled with beneficial nutrients.

basically, apple cider vinegar rocks!

Apple cider vinegar in a glass. In the background a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar.


So what about those health benefits of apple cider vinegar?  This almost-magical vinegar can do many things for your health.  Let’s start with a list and then get into more details with the ones that will help you to live a healthier life, ok?

Apple cider vinegar…

  • is a natural laxative and it can improve digestion;
  • lowers blood sugar levels;
  • improves insulin sensitivity;
  • increases satiety and helps people to lose weight;
  • reduces belly fat;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • lowers blood pressure and improves heart health;
  • prevents and decreases the risk of getting cancer and slows down the growth of cancer cells.

A glass filled with apple cider vinegar next to the bottle of organic apple cider vinegar surrounded by apples.


Impressive, right? But wait… there’s more. Apple cider vinegar is also a nutritional powerhouse. That would explain some of the health benefits! Let’s take a closer look at apple cider vinegar’s nutritional composition to see what makes it so special.

Apple cider vinegar contains:

  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • phosphorus;
  • manganese;
  • amino acids;
  • antioxidants;
  • only 3 calories per tablespoon.

Top view of a hand holding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar over a bowl filled with apple cider vinegar.


Most people use apple cider vinegar for weight loss, but they don’t know the rest of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. That’s because apple cider vinegar was used as an aid in weight loss for ages.

There are several studies that have concluded using apple cider vinegar for weight loss actually works. They also found it works even without dietary changes. However, when drinking apple cider combined with a healthy lifestyle, the results are truly impressive.

So…how does this happen?  Most people overeat because they don’t feel full. Apple cider vinegar increases satiety (your feeling of fullness) and that’s very helpful for staying on track with your healthy diet. Especially at the beginning of your weight loss journey when you need a little bit of help to start and to stay on track.  For more on apple cider vinegar and weight loss, read this post.


When it comes to apple cider vinegar and diabetes, there are a few things you should know.  Apple cider vinegar is great in diabetes prevention. So, if you have a family history of diabetes, you should consider drinking apple cider vinegar to decrease the risk.

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels when one is fasting (not eating), which is incredibly beneficial for people who have difficulty regulating their own blood sugar levels, like those who have diabetes.  However, this won’t replace medication. A healthy diet and exercise are always recommended for people with diabetes. If you have diabetes and take insulin or prescription drugs, you should talk to your doctor before drinking apple cider vinegar because your potassium levels can drop too much.

Taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar from a bowl filled with apple cider vinegar. In the background can be seen the apple cider vinegar bottle and some apples.


Other common uses for apple cider vinegar are to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.  What’s the deal with apple cider vinegar cholesterol and apple cider vinegar blood pressure? Apple cider vinegar helps in controlling renin, a hormone produces by your kidneys that is responsible for constricting and dilating the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are constricting, the blood pressure rises. Apple cider vinegar keeps the vessels relax, and that means blood pressure won’t rise.

As for apple cider vinegar helping with cholesterol – drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal lowers cholesterol. Basically, studies have shown that apple cider vinegar reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol) due to its natural antioxidants.


As I already mentioned, apple cider vinegar improves digestion. Drinking apple cider vinegar for digestion can…

  • get rid of heartburn;
  • reduce bloating;
  • improve digestion overall.

Let me just say that discomfort and pain are not normal. When we experience pain and discomfort after a meal, we should listen to our bodies and realize that something is not exactly right. Maybe we ate too much or maybe our digestive system doesn’t work properly.

Proper digestion means proper acid levels in the stomach so the nutrients in our food can be absorbed. When there’s not enough acid, food is not properly broken down and the nutrients are not assimilated which can lead to digestive issues like the ones I mentioned. Or more serious ones.

Drinking apple cider vinegar for digestion means increasing acid production. And that leads to proper digestion. Simple, right?

Apples in focus with a glass and a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar in the background.


Did you know apple cider vinegar kills bacteria? In fact, apple cider vinegar was used for disinfecting wounds and treating fungus back in the day.

It was – and still is – a great way to treat and prevent infection because apple cider vinegar can kill bacteria easily. It also inhibits bacteria, like E-coli, from spoiling food so that’s why it’s so often used as a food preservative. It’s also natural and better than artificial preservatives.  So awesome!


When it comes to apple cider vinegar and cancer, it has been shown that apple cider vinegar can help in cancer prevention because it promotes health. There are many factors and causes for cancer and we still have a long way to go in terms of prevention and treatment but, what we do know is apple cider vinegar can reduce the risk of cancer and can slow down the cancer cell (tumor) growth.

That being said, apple cider vinegar shouldn’t replace treatment for someone diagnosed with cancer or a healthy lifestyle for those who want to reduce the risk of developing different types of cancer.

Top view of a glass of apple cider vinegar surrounded by whole apples and an apple cut in 2.


Aside from the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, using apple cider vinegar can also improve skin appearance and hair health. Woot!  See? Apple cider vinegar is indeed amazing. Told ya!

Why apple cider vinegar is great for skin and hair:

  • treats and reduces the prevalence of acne;
  • treats and soothes sunburn;
  • has anti-aging properties;
  • improves hair health;
  • combats hair tangles;
  • reduces hair frizz;
  • seals the hair cuticles and help the hair to retain moisture;
  • treats dandruff.

Seriously, is there anything apple cider vinegar cannot do? I don’t think so! However, it’s important to note it is not recommended to apply apple cider vinegar to the skin without diluting it in water first.


Since there are so many health benefits apple of cider vinegar, you’re probably considering drinking apple cider vinegar right out of the bottle to benefit from its amazing properties. But… let’s first discuss how to drink apple cider vinegar.

First off, look for the unfiltered and organic type cuz’ that’s the best type.  The Bragg’s Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar I have pictured in this post is my fave, but there are many other options as well.

How to drink apple cider vinegar

Well, you don’t really have to drink it. Especially if you don’t like the taste. There are other ways to consume apple cider vinegar.  You can incorporate apple cider vinegar into your diet by…

  • using it in various recipes including salad dressing recipes and marinade recipes.
  • making an apple cider vinegar tonic by mixing apple cider vinegar with lemon juice – 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of fruit juice. Drinking apple cider vinegar is easier this way. You won’t notice the taste as much but you’ll get all the health benefits of apple cider. Plus the benefits of fruit juice. Make your own fruit juice at home for a fresh and yummy tonic.  You can spice it up with a little ground cinnamon or cayenne pepper or sweeten it with a little raw honey.  Good stuff.

If you don’t mind the taste of apple cider vinegar, you can add it to a glass of water and drink it. It’s as simple as that.

Apple cider vinegar in a measuring cup. In the background can be seen the bottle of organic apple cider vinegar.


This is important. Because you don’t want to overdo it. That’s never a good idea. So how much apple cider vinegar daily? And how much is too much?

Common dosage per day is 15-30 ml. Basically, 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar – mixed with water or made into a tonic or added to a salad dressing.

My advice is to start with a tablespoon and then increase to 2 tablespoons if you don’t notice any side effects.  It can be quite strong at first, so you’ll want to get used to it.

Side view of a glass filled with apple cider vinegar with the bottle of organic apple cider vinegar behind the glass.


Apple cider is rather harmless, but too much of anything can cause problems. Also, there are certain instances when apple cider vinegar is not at all recommended. For example, if you have stomach ulcer or kidney problems.

As a reminder, drinking apple cider vinegar without diluting it is not at all recommended because apple cider vinegar is acidic and it can cause:

  • tooth decay and weaken tooth enamel;
  • low potassium levels – when drinking more apple cider vinegar than recommended or when you already have low potassium levels;
  • indigestion – too much apple cider vinegar can cause indigestion;
  • digestive problems – this may sound counterintuitive since apple cider vinegar can improve digestion but for someone who has ulcers or acid reflux, apple cider vinegar will only worsen the symptoms.
  • skin burns – another counterintuitive one since apple cider vinegar can soothe sunburn but if you apply it to the skin undiluted it can burn your skin. For treating acne, make sure you add only a little bit of apple cider vinegar in water before applying it to the skin. For sunburn – use 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into your bath water.

A little really goes a long way.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy apple cider vinegar?  Let me know in the comments below!


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Lacey Baier

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  1. Dear Jes,

    Be nice! There is research but you forgot to check before insulting the blogger. Here are some: [Click on the link or cut/paste into the url field]
    (note: some are animal studies and some are human)
    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29091513/ (oxidative stress from obesity)
    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19661687/ (obesity/reduces serum triglyceride levels, etc)
    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31451249/ (Type 2 patients – random controlled clinical trial)
    https://www.asweetpeachef.com/benefits-of-apple-cider-vinegar/ (UChicagoMedicine)
    https://www.heighpubs.org/hodms/pdf/niogb-aid1016.pdf (reducing fat stores without adverse effects)

    I drink mine in warm water with 1 Tbls. of ACV, 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a dash of stevia sweetener. Yum.

    I loved the article.

  2. Another great way to consume apple cider vinegar is to make a shrub! A shrub is basically a simple syrup that uses vinegar instead of water, so be aware it’s going to contain more sugar this way. It’s great in cocktails, as a salad dressing, or added to some club soda. Try steeping things in ACV for 1-2 weeks to add a flavor, usually something sweet and something herbal. Raspberries and a poblano pepper (de-seeded and de-stemmed) make a great shrub, and so do lemon and fresh basil.

  3. your post is very interesting to read.it’s very informative and helpful. This article was extremely well done and so accurate Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job, Keep it up.

  4. I love ACV!! I don’t mind the taste so a tablespoon added to a warm cup of water with some honey is my daily morning and evening routine, and actually something I look forward to drinking! Thanks for this post. I was curious of all the health benefits and this was very informative

    1. How long did you stay on this I need to loss 50lb is this good to go for a month to control my weight and craven.

  5. I heard ACV was good for getting rid of old age spots. I am 68 years old and I discovered a dark spot on my forehead, by my eyebrow one day and was quite distressed over it. I googled the problem and found ACV was good for getting rid of them. So I applied straight ACV via cotton pad twice daily to the nasty spot and after a month it was gone. Is still gone. GONE! Then I discovered another on my cheek starting to get dark. Same thing… a month later GONE! I’m trying it on my hands now. It’s only been about a week & a half and the two I am targeting aren’t gone yet. Hoping my hand skin is as cooperative as my face. Woo Hoo ACV. A miracle!

    1. Did you dilute it with water or just used straight from the bottle? I have some dark spots on my face that I can’t seem to be able to get rid of.

    2. I’ve done this before too with some large moles and it always makes my mouth drop when the mole just falls off!!!

  6. hii,
    I don’t have idea that apple cider vinegar has so many benefits I will add it to my daily diet to get benefits.
    thanku for sharing post.

    1. Hi! Is the ACV. Helps to eased the swollen of my foot cause of my uric acid attached ? And it can help to reduce the pain and can help me to fight the uric acid to come back? Please let me know cause i have my apple cider bottle and a bottle of pure honey the ready to take if this is given help on my problem on uric acid let me know, and thank you very much in advance. From philippines.

      1. Natural remedies for gout
        Cherries or tart cherry juice. …
        Magnesium. …
        Ginger. …
        Warm water with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and turmeric. …
        Celery or celery seeds. …
        Nettle tea. …
        Dandelion. …
        Milk thistle seeds.

      2. Hi Ramon, sa pamilya namin meron kaming gout dahil sa uric acid, mana-mana. Ang ginagawa ko kumakain ako ng aloe vera. Binabalatan ko ito pagkatapos hinihiwa ng kudrado (1″x1″) at binababad sa tubig. Kainin mo ito pag sa tingin mo wala na siyang dagta. I can now eat beef, beans, mongo, asparagus and drink beer, the food that you are not supposed eat when you have gout or your level of uric acid is high. Good Luck!

      3. He says: In our family, we have history of gout due to uric acid, passed through generations. What I do is I eat aloe vera. I peel it, slice it after on squares (1″x1″) and soak it in water. Once you think the sap is gone, you can proceed to eat.

  7. I love ACV. I discovered it when I had an eating disorder when I was 17 years old and I wanted to lose weight even when I was not overweight. After a few days I realized that my metabolism was soooo fast. I started having more and more day by day. I had 1 tbsp with 2 dl water, but after every meal because I felt it breaks down food faster and I thought that I am not gonna be fatter if I eat anything I just need to drink apple cider vinegar. I ate the same food every day, scrambled eggs with bread for breakfast, chicken with salad for lunch, and curd cheese with a strawberry yoghurt for dinner, in between some crackers and ACV after every meal. At the end I didn’t have my period for 6 months and my stomach mucosa was thinner I assume because it hurt when I layed on my belly. I became addicted with it, but it was not the healthy result as it has to be.

    Then I stopped for years and I felt the difference for sure.
    Now since a year I started again because it is really has a good impact on overall health, but don’t be like me, know the limits because I think I stopped just at the right time. I am 26 now, ACV consumer since almost 10 years 🙂 Just more clever now.

    1. Glad to know than you’re doing good and what about your teeth health with all that vinegar then?

  8. Thank you for this great article! I’ve been using this for a week and i can say that it is really good for digestion.
    I just have one question to ask, is apple cider can balance your PH and can increase the good bacteria in your vajayjay ☺️ I have imbalance of my PH and doctors says that i need to take probiotics supplement which i am not doing instead i tried this apple cider vinegar. I am not sure yet if this is effective.

    1. Yes ,mix it with Epsom salt and have a warm soak for 10-20 minutes two times a week and you will be ok.

  9. If the label had claimed “improves heart health” one more time (for a third time), they could say it has 20 benefits!

  10. I have been off and on with ACV because I have also been doing IF. I am in my 4th year and always did “clean fasts” until recently. I felt like I hit a wall with fasting and it stopped working for me. I began to add some things to my fasted hours such as herbal teas and coconut or MCT oil to my black coffee. It has helped. I will add ACV to my morning routine and possibly keep some close by in case of hunger pangs.
    I do have to express my concern for those who are drinking it straight — DON’T!! My mother drank a shot every morning for years as it kept her cholesterol in control and she loved all the benefits, however, it broke down the lining of her esophagus and it ruptured and she died two weeks later. Of course, ACV is not the main culprit, as she suffered from reflux, etc. for years but it made her problems worse. I am a believer in its benefits but please dilute it first!
    Love this blog, btw, stumbled across it yesterday and have fallen down the rabbit hole!

    1. I should add that my mom passed over 10 years ago. It was before the warnings of the damage were even known to most people. Had she known that she was causing damage she would have diluted it for sure. Even just a little bit of water helps.

      1. Molly Logan Hernandez,
        Thank you for sharing about the importance I’ve not drinking it straight. I have started a routine for the past 2 weeks and have been Downing a shot of this every day. But after reading your testimony I will now be mixing it with honey and lemon

      2. I have been it now for two months and it’s helping me to lose weight I have lost 20lbs and still going thank you very much

    2. I am 70, 5 ft.& usually 135 lbs.. Been almost vegan since 1969. I have a cortisol midrif. I exercise almost daily, would ACV help my cortisol problem? I have never smoked in my life…


  11. I mix 1 teaspoon of asv with the mother in my green tea. I also add raw unfiltered honey, real lemon juice and cranberry juice. every now and then I’ll throw in a yogi detox tea bag or other yogi tea products. Needless to say I stay at a healthy weight, my skin looks so much better, I FEEL BETTER and I’m able to stay regular. No constipation. No bloating. but of course, be sure to talk to your health care provider before using anything new.

  12. I have been experimenting with smoothies to mask the taste. I found that tart fruits and juices work best. If you are a morning smoothie person it is a great way to start the day. I tend to eye my recipes but I tried to measure it out so I can share the recipe to others. I also like larger smoothies, but this is the perfect size for me and fits perfectly in my Ninja Pro.

    2 cups coconut milk
    1 cup fruit juice (I use pineapple)
    1.5 cups mixed berries
    1-2 tablespoons of ACV
    2-3 teaspoons Metamucil (I use a berry flavor)
    2-3 tablespoons of Collagen Peptide protein

    For added benefits add half an avocado and/or a banana

  13. Love apple cider vinegar! Lovely bonus that it is healthy 😊
    My apple cider vinegar drink:
    2 cups water
    1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
    1 tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
    Sweetener of your choice (I use liquid stevia to keep it sugar free)

    This tastes great to me and if I add a half tsp of sea salt & some magnesium powder &/ or potassium it’s a great home made electrolyte drink.

      1. Read Mollys comment above. You must Dilute the Apple cider vinegar it could eventually damage your esophagus.

    1. That is a great tip ! Sometimes i dont get chance to take in enough daily fluids . Gatorade helps but nit easy to get to store inna pinch . I sometimes drink water with a dash of sea salt and if i have lemon juice . I never knew about magnesium and potassium powders . Sports drinks have a lot of sugar . Thanks for sharing

  14. I have been drinking Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar for 5 years. I drink it in the morning and at night and I mix it with local honey and 16 or so ounces of water. I used to get bladder infections all the time and haven’t gotten one since I started doing this. I also use it as a final hair rinse and it leaves a beautiful shine. I’m 64 and my blood work is excellent. I highly recommend using this.

  15. I started using ACV with mother for eczema
    I use topically then protect with castor oil or Vaseline. Amazing results
    I also drink 1tbs in 8 oz of water morning and night and it aid in digestion and elimination
    Excitedly awaiting next blood test to see if liver enzymes are reduced
    Dr wants me to be on Hep C drugs

    1. Hep C treatment is very difficult on the body. I really hope the ACV helps with all the benefits. Remember to consult your doctor about any possible interactions that could occur. Best of luck.

    1. Hello, I just started this morning. I thought I could drink acv with water and omg..I almost threw up..so instead I used apple juice and 1 tablespoon, ill take another try this afternoon before I eat. With apple juice, it’s definitely better. Hoping I get same benefits. I’m not regular, Hoping this makes me release more frequently and helping me in belly fat, etc.

      1. Greetings !
        Your article was impressive.
        Though I started using it a week back on strong recommendation of one of elders but never knew that it would be this productive.
        He advised me to start with 2 Tea Spoons mixed in a glass of water and drink it after morning prayer / empty stomach with no breakfast .
        On top of it ‘ I was told to have it even before morning brush …..which at least I’m not following but I have trust in his wisdom n experience curve so I’m certain there must be some substantial reason for having it empty stomached in the morning without even brushing my teeth.
        Any Suggestion / Word please !!!
        Respect from Pakistan !

        Kashif Faheem Khan Peerzada
        Lahore , Pakistan .

      2. I think the benefit to brushing your teeth afterwards would be to remove any acid that your saliva doesn’t neutralize. ACV is very acidic and can cause enamel loss.

      3. Do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming ACV!! It weakens the enamel and you will brush some off. Rinse your mouth with water and wait until brushing your teeth.

      4. I discovered Hasweh recently
        Im addicted. I make it all the time. You have fantastic food! Cheers from Australia

    2. I started today with apple juice. Wanting to try later with ginger and lemon tea ( hot). It can basically be mixed into anything right? With same benefits. I hope so because with water it was intolerable for me.

  16. Hi I’m just about to start ACV. I have diabetes, angina, and NAFLD.. Has anyone got any good tips about ACV? I’d be most greatful thankyou

    1. This recipe is from a famous researcher and doctor.
      1-tablespoon vinegar with the Mother, in 8ounces of water.
      add 1 tablespoon gelatin and stir well.
      It thickens fast and stir as you drink, but is lifesaving for total body health.

  17. I’ve just started taking ACV with water chai seeds local honey and bit of lemon juice hopefully this will help my weight loss journey

  18. Hello
    Question… Is it advisable to use ACV when I`m building body muscles. Will ACV help me to build more muscles and if yes, what is the recommended use.

    1. Been using ACV for a few months now in the morning, first drink. 1 tablespoon of ACV 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice and hot water. Wasn’t very nice at first, but I persisted. Must admit it’s the only thing that has helped me with my belly fat. And goodbye to constipation. I’m happy with the results. Think I’ll have another ripple in the afternoon .🤣🤣

    1. I have 2 tablespoons with the juice of one lemon sweetened with honey in a glass of water every evening.

  19. I Started Taking Locally Made Apple Cider Vinegar Called Binnasar Hoping It Helps Me Recover From Undiagnosed Diabetic Symptoms

  20. One teaspoon of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and one teaspoon of raw honey mixed in with my metamucil twice a day. Makes the metamucil go down better.

  21. I like to get a spoon and take it straight. I sometimes chases it with some water or juice but mainly straight.

  22. Hi
    Does it work for fatty liver and weight loss if yes how should I start drinking this. directions please!?

    1. Not really. Helps with weight loss in the sense that it can help curb your appetite – at least it does for me. Don’t know anything about it helping a fatty liver.
      There aren’t strict directions you should follow besides not overdoing it obviously. If you’re asking about timing though I’d suggest early morning, 10 – 15 mins before meals. But it’s fine at night too, I’ve dosed before bed without any problem.

    2. Watch Jason Fung video on Fatty Liver on You Tube. Lots of good information there.
      The ACV will assist in the process but first learn what’s at the root of Fatty Liver.

  23. I’ve had some great results with ACV. Both my sons got kidney stones! I had them drink ACV and Honey with water twice a day and both either passed or dissolved the stones. Neither had to go to the doctor. And one was so bad he had to lay down rolled up in pain. 2 ACV drinks and he was fine in a couple of hours. I had lower back pain for 5 years. After starting the daily ACV drink the pain is now gone…. also my thyroid improved so require less medicine and fatty liver somewhat high enzymes levels became normal range. The only thing I had done was start the ACV routine.

    1. That’s great, Vicky! All the best to you and your two sons! I drink a quart/litre bottle of water mixed with about three tablespoons of ACV every day. For my thyroid, I take a few drops of Lugol’s iodine every day mixed into drinks. L-tyrosine supplements helps also, very inexpensive. Extra magnesium also helps – I buy inexpensive magnesium chloride flakes and mix with water and drink some and rub on skin. Borax also helps. Never felt better. Cheers!

    2. Just the information I needed to read!! Never had kidney stones but do now…someone said ACV!!
      Thank you for your contribution!!

  24. Please can I like drink ACV mixed in a plastic of warm water first thing in the morning on empty stomach?
    Hope it won’t be harmful? Like some people said one can’t drink it on empty stomach or while on fruit fast, please how true is it?
    Thank you.

    1. Ya, ACV is acidic, so it can not be taken on empty stomach and / or when You are on fasting.

      1. I have taken it many times on an empty stomach while fasting with no issues. I dilute it with water and am sure to drink more water afterwards. Maybe it depends on the person.

  25. Is apple cedar venegar useful in treatment of gall bladder stone & prostrate gland ?

  26. I have been mixing mine in with my morning shake with the Organic Greens, all in one quick easy mix. I mix ACV with the powder with juice and fruit VIOLA. 🙂

  27. I am just starting with Apple Cider Vinegar. I am drinking 2 tablespoons with about 10 oz of cold water. I am not having any problem with this. Would I be better off to take 1 tablesooon in the morning and 1 tablespoon at night or stay with the 2 tablespoons in the morning with the rest of my supplements?

  28. I’ve just started apple cider vinegar and I’m on my fourth day the taste gets better I’m just putting it in some water in the morning thank you for your good advice have a nice day

  29. Love the article. My husband has been taking Bragg’s for the past 5 mo. He has lost 3″ around his waste. But he takes a lot…4 T in 8 oz. of water with a dash of salt and 9 drops of Zulay liquid Stevia drops once a day. He has also cut back on carbs and sugar and increased protein and no exercise. He is a channel clicker. He has gone from 235 lbs. to 215 lbs. He still has a ways to go to loose more belly fat at 5′ 6″. He was pre diabetic and now is not. He has also lowered his cholesterol and blood pressure but is still on meds. He also is on meds for acid reflux which got worse so the Dr. told him to increase 1 pill every 8 hours instead of just 1. He 79 years old.

    1. Sounds like the true hero here isn’t the ACV, but, the fact he also reduced carbs and sugar and eats more protein. Well done for all of this healthy changes.

    2. Hello Carol… I used to know a Carol Peterson in Chicago in 1959. I am 89 years old. About 10 years ago I had my gall bladder removed. I also have no thyroid glands and also have had prostate cancer.
      After my gall bladder removel I had great problems with my stomach. Lots of gerds and stomach aches like crazy. They put me on sucralafat and omeprazole ; at least 2 times a day. Helped , but not always. After 10 years on omeprazole I shrunked 2 inches. I am now 5 by 5. I had to find a better way to get off this omeprazole. I decided to read up on gerds and stomnach aches. I found chammomile tea with a pinch of lavander and a pinch of habiscus tea, with one tablespoon full of Bragg,s apple cidar AND I have breakfast with a half spoon crushed Ginger and supper the same. WHAT A RELEAF. I try to walk 500 feet 3 to 4 times a week. And sit in the sun for 20 minutes a day for the vitamin D. I now weigh 163. I use Truvia or just a little honey for a sweetener… God Bless… Best wishes I. Bob Garabedian Friant, Calif.

      1. Thank you for that information! I also have Gerd and stomach aches and am looking to try something other than a pill. I’ll give this a shot!

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you for your comment. I’m Lacey’s blog moderator and we discussed your question. Here’s our overall take…while advocates of natural healing suggest apple cider vinegar as a treatment for ovarian cysts, there is no published research indicating it’s effectiveness. As this is often the case, we suggest talking to your doctor or naturopath to see if ACV would be a good fit for you. In general we’d say…it’s worth a try!

      1. You won’t receive a reply about apple cider gummies because this site is promoting a different brand, I’ve read up on apple cider vinegar gummies and they seem to do the same things.
        The apple cider vinegar gummies did sound a bit expensive to me.

      2. I drink 1 tablespoon acv with 1 tablespoon organic honey in 4oz warm water every morning I have good cholesterol results and good A1C ‘s

      3. Thank you for your comment, it was what I was looking for. You described exactly how you took the ACV and your results. As I know results will vary. I have high HDL and LDL and my Dr wants to put me on a statin and I’m looking for alternatives before I start prescriptions. I have until July to bring my numbers down. Cheers!!

      4. Also acv gummies have too much sugar, not sure why, for taste I suppose.. as it seems to negate the good qualities of the acv..Briggs still the best..

      5. I tried several different types of ACV gummies and they tended to make me constipated. Goli was one I tried as well as others. Same affect. Bragg is the best

  30. I drink 2 tablespoons in a cup with water and a little apple cider for sweetness. Warmed in microwave. Can also add lemon, ginger, cinnamon…..

    1. Loved the article! One issue….. apple cider vinegar is great way to treat acid reflux. Natural alternative to antacids.

  31. I have a cayenne tincture and I do a shot glass of apple cider vinegar and one dropper full of that in it first thing in the morning and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my health.

  32. I am 80 years old and I have been taking apple cider vinaigrette for about a year. I am having trouble with my legs with tiredness and aches and pain. Is it possible if the apple vinagar causes this problem with my legs.

    1. Yes this an extreme side affect with taking too much apple cider vinegar. You should probably take less. And if you are already 80, you’ve come far enough in your life to not torture yourself with drinking this crap. Eat more ice cream and enjoy life more buddy.

      1. How long one is advisable to take ACV?(dosage) Also are children under the age of 5 advisable to take it?

    2. Terri, the tiredness and aches and pain could be due to ageing symptoms like Osteoarthritis, you should consult with your doctor about this as they have treatments to alleviate the symptoms like Hydrotherapy pools and supplements you can take. I cant comment if ACV is the cause, but cant say I have heard of it causing the symptoms you are describing.

    3. Terry, if your on statin drugs you may want to investigate if that is the problem. Station drugs can cause pain and muscle weakness.

  33. I drink it added to my tea and a teaspoon of honey. When I drink it I lose about 1 lbs every 2 days. Plus with exercise and a healthy diet. When I don’t drink it the pounds don’t drop. So yes ACV makes a tremendous difference in weight loss.

      1. please tell me when the best time to take apple cider..am on a herbel diet. ,,reason had stage 4 prostate cancer,,now my cancer has dropped ,,much. am in good shape and do many exercises.

  34. I drink 1 TBsp of ACV in 8oz of pure apple juice (through a straw to protect my teeth) twenty minutes before each meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) to dissolve gallstones. Takes away the gallbladder/liver ache as well.

    1. I drink mine mixed with pure apple cider.
      1 teaspoon in an 8oz. class of cider.

      1. How long one is advisable to take ACV?(dosage) Also are children under the age of 5 advisable to take it?

  35. I use American Garden Apple Cider vinegar. I take one tablespoon of ACV in the evening before going to bed. Helps much in combating constipation and I feel good in the morning.

    1. Yes I drank it daily when pregnant per my midwifes’s recommendation. Also a table spoon or two in the bath.

      1. Hi Sonalee! Thank you for your comment. So far no conception complications have been linked to apple cider vinegar. That being said, it’s not a bad idea to discuss it with your doctor first.

    2. Yes I drank it daily when pregnant per my midwifes’s recommendation. Also a table spoon or two in the bath.

  36. Thank you for the article 🙂 I’ve started drinking apple cider vinegar after watching a video by Dr Eric Berg who said it helps acid reflux, but at the end of your article you say it shouldn’t be taken for acid reflux as it will make it worse – any thoughts on Dr Berg’s view?

    1. I’ve been drinking it nightly for acid reflux for years. 2 tablespoons added to water nightly. Unless I have over indulged, it works perfectly! No more otc antacids that have so many side effects for me!

      1. Apple cider vinegar is also great for taking the pain away from a bee sting. Just put undiluted onto a cotton ball and hold on the sting for 10 minutes or so.

    2. Hi! I think she mentions not to drink ACV if you have stomach ulcer or kidney problems. Maybe go back to the section on digestion. She lists ACV as helpful for acid reflux or heartburn.

      “Also, there are certain instances when apple cider vinegar is not at all recommended. For example, if you have stomach ulcer or kidney problems.”

      1. i do it just is smaller dosages cause i have stomach issues and haven’t had an issue with it 🙂

      2. That is absolutely correct. I think the author means to say that overindulgence in ACV may increase reflux. So di it in moderation. Thanks

      3. Can it cause mouth ulcers? Should I not drink it if I have dry mouth problems

      4. where does it say its not recommended for kidney problems please ? I thought it was good for kidneys

    3. Hi, I think she mentioned it may worsen the acid reflux if we drink the ACV without diluting it. My husband has acid reflux and drinking the ACV with a glass of water and 1 tbsp of honey every night really helps him. No more acid reflux. Hope this helps.

      1. Today I drink it for 2nd time by mixing 1.5 spoon in warm water. Then I went for morning walk.
        Then I got breathing problem.
        Returnef home with very difficulty.
        Why it is like this and what should I do?

  37. Just doing a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar is probably a bad idea then because it’s acidic.? Haha
    That’s what I’ve been doing, it’s easiest

    1. Let me tell you something about acidity. It’s a no-go in this world. You must counter act this problem with more milk, as this helps balance the pH level in your system. I hope this helps.

  38. I drink it with mineral sparkling water like lacroix or Perrier two to three times daily and taste amazing. I drink it like a shot mixed with the sparkling water, I am doing the Keto diet and is great choice.

  39. I use diluted 50/50 in a spray bottle for my itchy yeast doggie…seems to give her relief….

  40. Can you use this on a neutropenic diet. My sister is going through kemo and is not allowed a unpasteurized products. Not sure about unpasteurized vinegars.

    1. I drink mine with hot water, a slice of lemon and a piece of fresh ginger.
      I alway try to buy Apple Cider (With the Mother)

      1. Actually I like taking it with warm water n Cinnamon…..i add it to my drinking water, I also add it to my juices….. And sometimes to my tea..

    2. I mix it with water before a meal and drink it now I can’t finish half of my usually plate of diet and I mix with juice

    3. I would speak to the consultant who’s dealing with your sisters case don’t take some strangers opinion off the internet (just my 2p’s worth) hope your sister makes a speedy recovery ☺️

  41. I’ve been drinking this for over 10 years now. I also drink Bragg. I add a tablespoon to a glass of water and drink with my supplements. I do it every morning. I’m 55 and people think I’m in my 30s. I had a kid in a bar one time make me walk around to his friends so they could try to guess my age. I had to prove my age with my driver’s license. lol

  42. I have used this drink it really works for fat loss… thanks for the informative content.

  43. I make a large cup of regular breakfast tea, 1 tablespoon agave, 2 tablespoons acv. Am diabetic, and have slowly been able to reduce med intake since using this delicious morning beverage! My numbers have remained steady and good! Not quite ready to ditch my meds altogether, but am well on my way!!!

    1. Your local grocery store and Walmart should carry it. That’s the case in my area anyway.

      1. Thank you for the video you shared….i have ordered ACV and i get it tomorow…i hope i will have best result for my overall health…

    2. I have found the cheapest place to get ACV with the Mother is Costco. Glass bottles and cheaper than anywhere else I have found.

      1. Yesss that’s where I get mine. Same as Braggs w the mother and 3 big bottles for the price of 1 Braggs

    1. I need to know is it gonna help me for stoping the rus in my stomach?

  44. Apple cider vinegar works..i bought a pair of jeans and the first time I wore it jeeeeez it was a struggle then continued with my ACV. Three weeks later, I wore the same jean. I felt so good about myself. I’m still at it…what I do is I drink 2tablespoons every morning before I eat anything then drink water and ohh yes it’ll make you feel full for longer.

  45. Awesome post, the length of the article was fine and the knowledge was too good. Just waiting for another article.

  46. Greetings Lacey Baie, Very nice. Just wanna know when it’s best to drink for weight loss. Thanks

  47. Dear ,

    I am having acid reflux and sore throat, so kindly advice how can I drink apple cider vinegar. Very nice article and I can easy understand of usage and health benefit to drink apple cider vinegar. But I am thinking reflux and sore throat. please help me.

    1. Mentioned in the comments above:
      digestive problems – this may sound counterintuitive since apple cider vinegar can improve digestion BUTfor someone who has ulcers or acid reflux, apple cider vinegar will only worsen the symptoms.

      1. I am confused,I have been told,And read articles that say apple cider vinegar with mother helps acid reflux,But here it says it makes it worse.Which is it?

  48. here you can find hundreds of acv benefits! I loved it! https://bit.ly/2xxhvCD

  49. Is there a possibility of drinking apple cider vinegar without losing weight? I want to drink it for all those other benefits except losing weight.

    1. is there possiblity of drinking apple cider vinegar without losing weight. I want to drink it for other health benefits except losing weight.

    2. Losing weight is more about calorie intake than anything else. While ACV helps with feeling satiated, if you’re still eating a steady amount of calories per day you won’t lose weight. Consider tracking your calories to make sure you’re intaking the right amount of calories for your body to maintain weight. That way, you can drink the ACV and get all of those benefits you want while maintaining your weight!

  50. I was thinking of taking apple cider to cure my stomach ulcer, because I saw a video about home remedies on how to heal stomach ulcer on YouTube and apple cider was mentioned so I’m confuse now. What do you think? should I take apple cider to heal my stomach ulcer or not?

    1. This was mentioned above:
      digestive problems – this may sound counterintuitive since apple cider vinegar can improve digestion BUT for someone who has ulcers or acid reflux, apple cider vinegar will only worsen the symptoms.

  51. Excellent information and sense of humor! Thanks for sharing this 😉 God bless 💐

  52. Informative and well researched, but it is a long-winded article – takes too long to scroll, read info or find a key fact or recipe – the text is pale and small. Please consider more legible pages over this thin and skinny style.

    1. Helps to install an ad-blocker app on the device you’re using. There are no ads blocking my view here … and my blocker tells me that it has blocked EIGHT of them! (There are lots to choose from. I use AdBlocker Ultimate.)

    2. If you tap on the AA at the top of the web page in the search bar, you’ll see an option to “show reader view”. Tap that and all adds will be gone and it only shows the article and any pictures included in the article only. Hope this helps

  53. Vinegar worsening acid reflux symptoms is not true though. For me I have the 2nd worst version of the disease and nothing works to keep it in check. I tried taking it many times and it gave immediate relief for a short time. By itself or diluted gave the same results and as I theorized how it works with acid reflux is it counteracts the bad acid in your system thus balancing the acidic levels despite vinegar having high acidity and my specialist confirmed that was exactly the case and why it gave me relief. Had a few others try it and they said they got the same results. So do not hesitate consumption if ya have acid reflux as it does not worsen it though results may vary from person to person and symptoms.

    1. I also would get phlegm from acid reflux. Sore throat and hoarse voice. I started with about one tbls in small glass of water drink through straw to prevent contact with teeth. I feel so much better. It worked for me

    1. As per many accounts, 1 teaspoon before each meal. Diluted with water, honey, lemon, cayenne, or any other blend of (healthy) ingredients

  54. I take only a capful and dilute with a cup of water every morning first thing.. i always use a straw to drink as i dont want that to touch my teeth at all.. then have my usual cup of tea….

  55. I take 20ml straight out of a child size medicine cup. Then I quickly rinse my mouth with water while getting my toothbrush ready. Then brush my teeth. I do this right before bed.

    1. This is not a good idea. ACV will cause problems later on as it happened to a friend of mine. Please dilute before drinking.

    2. ACV is harsh on tooth enamel. Shouldn’t brush your teeth right after. I assume it does the same to enamel that lemons do. Shouldn’t brush your teeth an hour to two hours after to let the enamel to re-harden.

  56. I am quite excited about the benefits of apple cider vinegar.i am definitely gonna try it out especially for weight loss. I will share my findings. Thank you very much

    1. I don’t think it helps directly to lose weight. Not for me at least. But there are advantages. I haven’t met any one personally yet who has any experience about these wonderful benefits of ACV. It’ only on internet that we find such positive reviews. For underlying problems it’s best to get the doctor in the loop as you could cause unintentional harm to your body. I have used this several times (intervals of 4- 6 months) for 3 -4 years. Haven’t seen any notable change though.

  57. I can’t stand it mixed with anything sweet but I LOVE it with V8 juice which I add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and some lime juice…… I drink after dinner about an hour before bed!

  58. Here is an easy, quick and delicious way to drink it. Mix your apple cider vinegar with 8oz of apple cider, either regular or spiced. For taste and convenience, this is great. But be aware of the higher sugar and calories.

    1. I just took a glass of water mix with 1tsp and amazingly, my chest pain has vanished😊. Hope to have more testimonies to share onwards.

  59. I stumbled accros the perfect concoction, V-8 juice with 2 Tbls ACV, I have it every morning. I can’t taste the vinagre but it gives the v8 a splash of sing and I add seracha to it when I need a bit of spice in my life.

    1. I will try your way. sound to easy to drink. but I still afraid. this vinegar “Bragg” is my first time. Please God help me.

  60. I really enjoyed all of the replies. I want to lose 6-8 lbs in 19 days. I am going to try ACV..

  61. I buy Vermont Village raw & unfiltered ACV with blueberries & honey. Tastes good and after two months of use every morning I do not have to suck it in to button my pants. I am losing my belly fat. Hooray!

  62. I find that 8oz of water with a tablespoon of ACV twice a day with meals is a refreshing drink. I bought a pump bottle to dispense the vinegar making it easier to measure.

  63. I used 2 tbsp acv a cup of water honey and ginger and it has a pleasant taste. This was my first time, I will incorporate this in my daily intake in the morning and before bedtime.

  64. I drink ACV mornings and night … For better taste I use ginger, lemon, cinnamon and Raw honey…amazing results

    1. I have been drinking this for about 4 years. This is what I put in it. 2 T. Of Braggs ACV, green tea, made from 2 teabags of brewed tea. 1 T of honey, a shake of cinnamon, lemon juice from one lemon. Put all of that in a quart jar, add about 1/4 cup of pure cranberry juice. Shake it up. Fill to the top with hot water, and drink from a straw. It has not helped with weight loss, but healthy otherwise – no colds or flu since I have been doing it.

  65. I steep two tea bags in a liter of boiled water then let it cool, add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and stevia to taste then sip in throughout the day until it’s gone so I’m getting small doses of it all day. I alternate between various fruit and herbal teas so I don’t get bored of drinking the same thing every day. Currently it’s ginger citrus tea, yesterday was a turmeric, ginger peach. I started this because I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and it’s said to reduce inflammation and other symptoms as I seek alternatives to taking such a dangerous drug as Humira.

  66. I’m on my 3rd bottle I drink 3tbs every morning when I get up along with amino acid 2222 pill and clear muscle from GNC and i drink it straight with water as a chaser

    1. A work associate avoided surgery for bleeding ulcers by drinking aloe vera juice – daily. I was in touch with her for at least 8 years after and she never needed the surgery. I don’t remember how much she would drink each day, so research and/or check with your doctor.

  67. when is the best time to drink apple cider vinegar? when you wake up? before going to sleep? does it make any difference?

  68. I love ACV! I use it as a facial astringent. It must work because although I’m 52 folks think I’m in my 30s.

    1. I need to ask, do you put it on straight undiluted, or do youmix it with water? I’ve been putting it on straight, and it seems ok and nice for my skin so far. Its not been too long though.

      1. Karen don’t use it undiluted on your face…use 1:3 ratio so get a container and make a toner with it eg. 1/2 acv to 1 1/2 water. You want the benefit without the burn

  69. I have created an ACV concoction that even my hubby will drink. 2 TBSP ACV, 10-12 oz. Water, 1/2 teasp. Cinnamon, sweetener to taste…I use liquid Stevia. Chill. Tastes like liquid apple pie! I take mine to work in a Mason jar.

    1. I am going to try it this way because I really dont like the taste of ACV…kind of excited now. Thanks!

    1. I’ve been taking “Spring Valley” ACV
      Pills, 1 pill twice a day, I poop 2-3 a day instead of once every 4-6 days.less headaches, I don’t struggle to tie my shoes, my pants/shorts don’t roll down my gut, just noticing how my clothes fit motivated me to do better, ya pills work. For me anyway. Good luck.

  70. I started day 1 yesterday. i could tell that i ate less and had less cravings for junk food. I took 1 tsp when i woke up, after lunch and b4 bed.

  71. Is there a particular time wherein one should drink ACV, eg before a meal or after?
    and how many times a day?

  72. I use it diluted (at least 50%) with water as a skin toner almost daily after washing my face. It really helps to give my skin a healthy glow and has helped to remove a few dark spots.
    I’ve also used it as a hair rinse 1 – 2 times a week and had good results there too!

    1. How do you mix it to use as an astringent? I’m on a strict diet to lose weight before major surgery, and I’m noticing wrinkles as my face loses fat. I’d love to give the ACV a try 🙂🤞

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