Healthy Kids Lunch Makeover

The Secret to Healthy, Easy, Homemade Lunches For Kids


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Tired of your kids eating un-healthy processed meals every day?

It's totally possible to provide delicious, healthy, well-balanced lunches for your child AND for them to enjoy what they're eating when they're at school. This eBook will walk you through everything you need to know in order to finally pack healthy lunches for your child.

What Does the Healthy Kid's Lunch Makeover Really Offer?

  • 15 unique healthy school lunches
  • Foods that are easy to find and prepare
  • Nutritious and well-balanced food pairings
  • No pre-packaged or processed foods
  • Tips for how to get your child involved in lunchtime
  • Anatomy of what makes up a good lunchbox
  • Guide for getting picky eaters to love their food
  • Nutrition and daily dietary recommendations for children
  • Recipes for anything listed in the lunchboxes
  • The best lunchbox products to make your life easier
  • Happy, healthy kids


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30-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Happier, Healthier Kids And Families

Hi there and welcome!

I remember when my oldest, Jordan, started kindergarten.  She was so excited to pick out her own lunches at school in the big kid cafeteria and I was happy that she got to explore her independence. She would come  home and tell me each day what she bought and how much she enjoyed it.

Then, one day, I went to meet her for lunch at school.  I saw the choices she was offered.  And I wasn't happy.  There were hardly any fresh options.  Mostly everything was pre-packaged and highly processed.  The main entrees were high in fat and didn't appear nutritious.  This was incredibly disappointing.

So, I decided I would start making Jordan's lunches for her.  We went out and bought a special lunch box and containers so it was fun for her.  I let her have a say in what foods we made each week for her lunches and she started playing a big role in what she was eating.  Doing this not only helped me because she was more likely to eat what she picked out, but it also allowed her an opportunity to get that same independence she really needed.

It wasn't easy at first.  In fact, I had a hard time coming up with foods that weren't processed also.  I started with chips, fruit snacks, and boxed apple juices and thought I was doing better than the school when, in fact, they were just as bad for her.  

I share all of this because I know making lunches can be a struggle, especially if you're wanting to focus on fresh, healthy foods and avoid all the junk foods that are so much easier to find.  

The good news is that it's totally possible to provide delicious, healthy, well-balanced lunches for your child AND for them to enjoy what they're eating when they're at school.  Read on and learn everything you need to know to accomplish this.

Together, we can do this!

- Lacey 🙂


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What People Are Saying About Lacey's Recipes

"Once again, Lacey’s recipes led to success, my kids gobbled it up with no complaints. Thank you! I am slowly coming to appreciate my minor skills in the kitchen.

--Jackie R.

"Tonight I made the Pork Fried Rice. My twelve year old said, "Mmm, where did you get this recipe?" I replied, "From the same chef I've been making this week's dinners." His response, "WOW, she's REALLY good!" ASPC is becoming a household name. No pressure or anything.

--Jodi R.

These were amazing!! As always, your recipes are the best. I have made several and they have all been a huge hit! Thank you Lacey!  

--Jessica S.

I made these tonight! And they were a hit, even with my picky 4 year old. They are a definite keeper. Yum! And thank you so much for such a fabulous recipe.  



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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes these lunches healthy?

Every lunchbox in this makeover contains whole, unprocessed foods that are low in sodium, sugar, and fat.  The lunches are designed to provide nutritious and well-balanced parts that make up a satisfying and healthy meal for your child. Every lunch contains at least one serving of protein, vegetables, and fruit.

My child is super picky.  What if he or she doesn’t like it?

Picky eaters can be a challenge.  I created this book to help solve even the pickiest of pallets by providing exciting and fun options in every lunchbox.  In this book, I also provide tips and tricks for how to get picky eaters to love the food you give them.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes!  My goal is for your child to eat healthier lunches and for you to feel great about the fresh, whole foods you're providing.  However, if, for any reason, you don't find this book useful, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I'll issue a no-hassle refund.  It's that simple

When will I receive the lunchbox makeover guide?

Immediately upon your purchase, you can download it and get started with your happier, healthier lunch plan 🙂

What else is included in this book besides the lunchbox ideas?

In addition to 15 unique and healthy lunchbox examples, this guide also contains tips for how to get your child involved in lunchtime, the anatomy of what makes a good lunch, tips for picky eaters, nutrition and dietary recommendations for children, recipes for anything listed in a lunchbox, and a breakdown of my favorite lunchbox products.

Is this a physical book?

No, this is an eBook which is digital.  You will get a PDF to download that can be viewed on any device upon your purchase.


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