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If you’ve never tried making cold brew, it’s much easier to make than you think! This post shares how to make cold brew coffee so you can enjoy the added caffeine boost with lessened acidity...at home!

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Honestly, cold brew coffee intimidated the heck out of me. For some weird reason, it just felt so complicated to make!

But let’s talk about why you’re going to LOVE creating and enjoying this healthy cold brew recipe:

  • It’s really simple to make (Shockingly simple, I tell ya).
  • It has all the benefits of regular coffee (And more!).
  • It’s like a richer and smoother version of iced coffee but stronger. Oooh yeah. 
  • It’s not as bitter as regular coffee (Sweeter, actually).
  • Cold brew coffee just rocks and you’ll see why.

I’m really excited to debunk all the misconceptions you might have about cold brew… 

And introduce you to a new (and literally cooler way) to take in your morning dose of sunshine. I was so thrilled to make my batch of brew with my signature blend of clean coffee, Better Than Yesterday. Which you can try now, too!

Let’s get brewing these cool beans! 

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Is Cold Brew Stronger Than Regular Coffee? 

The caffeine content of cold brew coffee can depend on a few factors. This means it may or may not be stronger than regular coffee depending on these things: 

  • The coffee-to-water ratio: Cold brew is typically made with a higher ratio compared to regular coffee. It generally ranges from two, to two and a half times more coffee than cups of water.
  • The amount of milk added: Usually, cold brew concentrate is added to equal parts of water or milk. (And this can bring down the caffeine content.) 
  • The temperature of the water used: The higher the temperature, the easier it is for caffeine to dissolve. So if the ratios used in hot coffee and cold brew were to be equal, the caffeine in hot water would be higher. 

So not all cold brew drinks have a higher caffeine content than your usual hot coffee. But generally, it could be the case since it is normal for the cold brew method to use more beans than the hot brew method. 

Compared to your regular iced coffee, cold brew is usually stronger. This is because it’s more concentrated from the get go. Also, iced coffee is further diluted with water from the ice (of course). So there you have it! 

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

What Do You Need To Make Cold Brew Coffee? 

You’ll need 2 simple things to get your cold brew coffee done. 

Grab the following:

  • High quality coffee beans
  • Water (filtered) 

To make the brew, grind your coffee beans and put your ground coffee in a large jar or quart container. Then, add cold water and stir. Next, cover and refrigerate it for 12-24 hours. The longer you allow it to sit, the stronger your coffee will be. 

When you’re done letting it sit and simmer, strain your coffee through a cheesecloth (it’s THE best strainer and you don’t even need a french press or plunger) and you’re done! This recipe makes 2 ¼ cups of cold brew coffee. You can add ice and milk as you like. Tastes just as amazing as a treat from the coffee shop. Easy right? 

Ready to get started making cold brew coffee?

Read on further for the exact recipe below.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Can You Use Any Coffee Grounds For Cold Brew? 

There’s no single way to make the perfect cold brew coffee that’s just the right cup of coffee for you. But here are a few tips to make sure your coffee grounds are the best for making quality cold brew.

Here are a few things to know: 

  • You can use your fave coffee beans: (Highly recommended: use a quality medium to dark roast blend such as my 100% organic and deep roasted Better Than Yesterday blend. Medium to dark roast blends help give out a smooth, rich, and nutty flavor.) 
  • Make sure to use coarsely ground coffee beans for a good extraction process: (This will ensure the grounds are fully steeped without “over extracting” too much of the bean’s flavors.)
How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

What Is The Ratio Of Coffee To Water For Cold Brew? 

To make it simple, here is a simple breakdown of the water/cold brew coffee ratio to follow depending on how you’ll want to drink your cold brew: 

  • For concentrates: use a 1:4 ratio or lower.
  • For drinking your coffee straight from the mason jar: it’s generally best to use a 1:8 ratio. 

I actually tested three different proportions of coffee to water ratios based on the range of recipes I found online. I believe the one I use in this recipe is neither too strong nor too weak.

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Should I Steep Cold Brew In The Fridge? 

Yes, I highly recommend steeping it in the refrigerator to keep things simple. 

You can definitely steep your coffee at room temperature too. Either way is safe and fine. I just prefer leaving it overnight in the fridge and not having to think of it once it’s there. 

Whatever you choose, it will always be faster to steep at room temp. (As I’ve mentioned earlier, temperature plays a huge role in extracting the caffeine and flavors). 

  • If you’re steeping at room temp: you’ll be looking at a total time of 12-14 hours
  • If you’re steeping in the fridge: it could take anywhere from 16-24 hours (but no more than that)
How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

What Are The Benefits Of Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew coffee has been having a good moment recently and it’s only becoming more popular! After all, what can be better than homemade cold brew coffee?

Here are a few reasons why more and more people are loving this method of brewing their coffee:

  • It may boost your metabolism and mood (due to its high caffeine content)
  • It’s really easy and simple to make (SUPER easy) 
  • It’s sweeter and less bitter than drip coffee
  • It’s less acidic yet higher in caffeine
  • It contains the same health benefits as regular coffee (decreases the risk of depression, dementia, and diabetes, helps with longevity, etc.)
  • It gives you an antioxidant boost 

As if its distinct smoothness and deep flavor aren’t enough, you have a plethora of benefits to drinking the beloved cold brew coffee. Pour a cup and enjoy it not just for its awesome taste, but for a feel-good, overall healthy boost of energy.  

Learn more about this topic by reading 11 Insane Benefits of Coffee!

What Does Starbucks Use For Cold Brew?

Starbucks uses coffee beans from Nariño, Colombia for their cold brew blend. But you can make a version close to it by using the same medium body and acidity plus fruity and nutty flavors that Colombian coffee is known for. 

To get the same high-quality cold brew blend, check out my recommended 100% organic coffee beans below. 

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

Any Coffee Recommendations?

I’m proud to share My Better Than Yesterday blend.

For rich, bold, and smooth cold brew coffee, you’ll want to use high-quality beans. These delicious Arabica beans have the perfect balance between bright, sparkling fruit and a deep, roasted flavor. 

Since I love coffee and its amazing benefits, I created Cleanish Coffee. It’s 100% organic so you can be assured you’re getting all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory perks without pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. 

It’s also fair-trade and absolutely delicious so you won’t need to add tons of added ingredients. 

Try my coffee for yourself, and choose to be Better Than Yesterday. 

Pouring vanilla latte from a mason jar to a coffee mug.

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