Top 10 Healthy Costco Foods: Add THESE To Your Next Grocery List!

Costco is a huge favorite of many households. With various food options for diets of all types, you can find a large selection of healthy food items at Costco. Whether you want to be creative in your meal planning or purchase some healthy premade meals, they will surely have whatever you need at your local Costco. 

top 10 healthy Costco foods

The Importance of Healthy Eating

In a world where so many of us live busy lives, we must do what we can to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The problem is that many people do not understand how to do that. By having ready-made meals and snacks on hand that include a good balance of protein, carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats throughout your day of eating, you can successfully adapt a healthy approach to eating. 

You have probably heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” While this may not be entirely true, it does hold some truth. What you put into your body does have an impact on your overall well-being. Both your physical and mental health can benefit from a healthy and well-balanced diet. When you put a variety of essential nutrients into your body, you are setting yourself up for a strong immune system, sustained energy levels, and a reduced risk of chronic diseases. 

Do not be fooled by old rumors or what healthy eating should or should be. Eating healthy should focus less on restrictive diets and more on eating foods you enjoy while also incorporating nutrient-dense whole foods to nourish your body. By having a well-rounded diet, you will be able to ensure you are having the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients that you need to live the highest quality life possible. 

The Benefits of Shopping for Health Food at Costco

Costco offers a variety of tasty and healthy foods. The best part is that buying these items in bulk typically makes them more affordable in the long run as well. 


Most people know Costco for having awesome bulk offerings. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase larger quantities that end up costing less per unit at the end of the day. While the upfront purchase may seem expensive, you ultimately spend less money on food when all is said and done. One of the best ways to take advantage of bulk buying is when purchasing your pantry staples like grains, legumes, oils, and frozen fruits and vegetables.

Wide Selection of Healthy Foods

One of the great things about Costco is that they have some unique food items you may not be able to find elsewhere. This is especially true of food items that are specific to certain diets. They have a wide selection of organic produce, which many people look for. They also have a lot of lean proteins, whole grains, superfoods, and other unique and nutrient packed food options. 

Quality Assurance

Have you ever been really excited to try a new food item just to find out you don’t like it? Costco has an awesome return policy. They maintain strict quality standards for the products they carry, and if you don’t like something, even if you have consumed part of it, they will take it back. The majority of their items come from reputable suppliers as well, which means that they trust that you will receive reliable and wholesome products.

Fresh Produce and Organic Options

It can sometimes be challenging to find produce that is fresh. Luckily Costco has a plentiful assortment of fruits and vegetables that are always fresh, and this even includes organic options. They tend to have a lot of seasonable produce; some of these items can be purchased pre-cut and pre-packaged. They also have many frozen fruits and vegetables, making incorporating healthy ingredients into your meals convenient.

Nutrient-Dense Snacks

If you are searching for nutritious snacks, then Costco has you covered. They have what seems like a never-ending supply of snacks. You will find options that satisfy your snacking needs without derailing your health. When searching for snacks at Costco, be sure to check out their selection of nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. They also have a good selection of protein bars and drinks, healthy granola, and preportioned snacks like jerky and crackers. You can find plenty of choices to support your active lifestyle.

Healthier Alternatives

If you are on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle, you have been trying to swap some of your conventional food choices for healthy alternatives. Costco has a good selection of healthier alternatives like organic peanut butter, almond milk, natural sweeteners, and keto and paleo crackers and bread.  You can easily find options that align with your dietary preferences and goals.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Thanks to its large package sizes, when you shop at Costco, you can save yourself some time. You will not have to visit grocery stores as frequently, and you can buy an abundance of fresh food items that can be cut up and prepared in quick-to-go snack containers. You can also purchase ready-to-go items like a rotisserie chicken or a prepared taco platter to have easy-to-prepare meals for busy evenings. 

Top 10 Healthy Foods to Buy at Costco

It honestly seems impossible to pick just only the top 10 healthy foods to buy at Costco, but if we had to pick, here are our choices:

#1 Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend Frozen Berries

Buying frozen fruits and berries can be really expensive, so buying them in bulk is a great way to save money. Costco offers an awesome frozen blend of berries that keep well and the freezer and has a variety of uses. You can add these frozen berries to your oatmeal, greek yogurt, or even eat them straight out of the freezer on a hot summer day. You can also make smoothies that taste great by combining frozen berries, greek yogurt, a squirt of raw honey, and a dollop of Kirkland Signature almond butter in a blender. Add in some fresh spinach from the produce section for an even more nutrient-dense treat.  

#2 Kirkland Stir-Fry Vegetable Blend

A frozen blend of vegetables is great to have on hand, especially in the winter when it may be hard to find fresh produce. Try slicing up some chicken breasts and tossing the slices into a pan with some extra-virgin olive oil or avocado oil, cooking them through, before adding in the frozen, stir-fry vegetable blend. Add your favorite teriyaki or soy sauce and serve over frozen cauliflower rice or brown rice for a well-rounded meal. 

#3 Frozen Organic Broccoli

This freezer staple speaks for itself. Having a large bag of frozen broccoli at your disposal will ensure you are never lacking in the veggie department when it comes to your meals. You can easily defrost small portions of the frozen organic broccoli at a time and add it to your favorite casseroles, buddha bowls, or pasta dishes. The possibilities are endless with his one. 

#4 Kirkland Signature Plain Organic Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt is an extremely versatile high-protein kitchen staple, and the Kirkland Signature brand is a great value. You will never be sorry about having Greek yogurt on hand. You can use it to marinate meat, add creaminess to your smoothies, or to build a fantastic parfait with berries, a drizzle of raw honey, and granola. Adding yogurt to any dish is an easy way to increase the grams of protein you take in. 

#5 Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

Gluten-free lovers beware, these crackers are an addictive snack! Luckily they are also a very healthy option for meeting your snacking needs. While these crackers can be found in most local stores, purchasing them at Costco you will get the best value. You can eat these crackers on their own or dip them in your favorite hummus or Greek yogurt-based dip. They are a great chip substitute. If you feel creative, you can crush them up and crust your favorite piece of fish or chicken breast for baking. 

#6 Kirkland Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Yes, we know anyone can hard-boil eggs, so why would you purchase them? Hard-boiled eggs are a great high-protein snack to have on hand, but not everyone wants to deal with the tedious task of boiling and peeling them. Grab these ready-to-eat hard-boiled eggs, sprinkle them with salt or everything bagel seasoning, and devour! One of the best healthy snacks around!

#7 Kirkland Brown Rice & Quinoa Pouches with Amaranth and Garlic

Having prepared grains on hand makes meal-prepping and busy nights much easier. These ready-to-go whole grain pouches of goodness are easy to heat up and pair with your favorite steamed veggies or grilled meat. They are packed with nutrients and fiber, making them a great addition to your diet. You could even use this as a basis for a steak fajita bowl.

#8 Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon

Salmon is a favorite of many people, but unfortunately, it is not always affordable. Purchasing this item at Costco can help reduce costs, and you will not be sorry that you have it on hand. There are a variety of ways to prepare salmon. Try baking it in the oven with a drizzle of coconut oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper for a tasty and simple preparation. It tastes great served with a side of roasted asparagus over a bed of organic quinoa or chunked up or tossed into your favorite pesto-tossed pasta with a sprinkle of fresh parmesan cheese. 

#9 Wholly Guacamole Minis

These guacamole minis will be your go-to healthy snack if you are an avocado lover. These single-serve containers of guac are great for eating on the go or for a last-minute snack. You can use them for dipping your favorite whole-grain tortilla chips or crackers, baby carrots, or even for spreading onto toast. For a great snack, toast up a piece of Dave’s Killer bread and slather on one of these containers. You can even top it with some freshly sliced tomatoes or a fried egg for a snack that really does pack a punch. 

#10 Kirkland Organic Hummus Single-Serving Cups

Last but certainly not least. Single-serving hummus cups are a snacking must. Having these cups for easy grabbing in the fridge can truly save your healthy snack crisis. Keep some freshly cut veggies on hand for dipping, spread it onto your sandwich for creaminess, or serve it with freshly toasted bread. Hummus has a good amount of protein and healthy fats, so when you paid it with veggies or whole grains, you are creating a well-rounded and nutritious snack that will fill you up until your next meal. 

What Else Does Costco Have to Offer?

We gave you a well-rounded and versatile list of healthy Costco foods, but the list does not stop at 10. Depending on your diet and food preferences, you will easily discover more healthy options when you step foot into Costco. 

Some healthy items you should not look past at Costco are their assortment of protein bars and shakes, their already portioned snacks like cashews and trail mix, a great assortment of nut butter, and packages of ground turkey and chicken breast. They also have other awesome healthy snacks like Skinny Pop popcorn, dried mango, and parmesan whisps. 

We recommended a ready-to-heat whole grain food option but remember that you can also buy more basic whole grains in bulk at Costco. Things like brown rice, dried beans, and flour are friendlier on your wallet when you get them at Costco, so you absolutely should if you have the space to buy large bags of grains. 

Don’t forget pantry staples like almond milk, pasta sauce, canned beans, spices, condiments, and bottled water. Most people regularly utilize these healthy food items, and they are usually cheaper when you buy large containers or a package of multiple at Costco. 


While shopping at Costco may sometimes overwhelm your wallet, remember that although you spend a lot at once, you ultimately save yourself money. Healthy foods do not have to be hard to come by, and if you are going to Costco anyways, you may as well make an effort to purchase items that will benefit your wallet and your health. 

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