Back From Santa Monica!

Santa Monica Trip 2015


Back home from a trip to Santa Monica, California to shoot a YouTube episode with Pure Leaf Ice Tea and Tastemade.

Santa Monica Trip 2015
Santa Monica Trip 2015

Aside from being really excited to see a real set and work with a crew for a recipe video, I was also happy to visit California again.  As you may know, I grew up in Southern California.

This was my first visit to California where I actually felt like an Austinite, not a Californian.

It was kind of odd.

Santa Monica Trip 2015 Santa Monica Trip 2015 Santa Monica Trip 2015
I made sure to get as much Mexican, deli, and Chinese food as possible. While Austin has some great food to offer, there’s nothing like what you’re raised on.

Because Hunter is so little and still really needs me around at nighttime, we made the decision to drive with the family, as opposed to having me fly out by myself. We added a little time to the trip and visited San Diego for a bit before driving up to Santa Monica.

 Santa Monica Trip 2015Santa Monica Trip 2015 Santa Monica Trip 2015
Santa Monica Trip 2015

Still working on whether that was the best choice, but we all did have lots of fun. The kids got lots of beach time and they absolutely love staying in hotels. Having a kid in kindergarten makes life a little more tricky, though.  But, looking through the photos, I’m so glad the family came with me.  🙂

 Santa Monica Trip 2015
Santa Monica Trip 2015

While we had a great time, met lots of cool people, ate tons of tasty food, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather, I do have to say I am happy to be home.

Santa Monica Trip 2015 Santa Monica Trip 2015

I’ll keep you updated on when the Pure Leaf episode gets published.

Almost Back From Santa Monica!


I’m really excited to see how it turns out 🙂

Lacey Baier

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10 thoughts on “Back From Santa Monica!

  1. Hi Lacey, we are so happy you enjoyed your visit in Santa Monica and look forward to the video. We hope you will share it with us on our Twitter or Facebook pages once it is up. Please keep in touch.

    You friends at Downtown Santa Monica !

    visit us at www.downtownsm.com or on facebook DowntownSantaMonica and twitter DTSantaMonica

  2. Hi Lacey! What a lovely family you have. It does look like you all had lots of fun and sunshine. I will look forward to the video.
    I am still enjoying your meal plans, your recipes are so good!

  3. I thoutht this little vidoe and snaops shots os the family were very nice. Glad you had some fun!

  4. Lacey,
    Best part of your photos was seeing beautiful weather! It is so wet & dreary in Houston.
    Your family is precious. Looking forward to seeing the final results of the PLT shoot.

  5. Hi Lacey!

    The photos of your trip are great. You have a beautiful family.

    I love Pure Leaf Iced Tea, aside from making my own, it is the only tea I buy. Looking forward to seeing the video.


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