7 Best Kombucha Brands | And Why They’re So Good

In a sea of kombucha, which brand is best? This post will help you discover the 7 best kombucha brands and what makes them so good, while answering all your kombucha questions along the way.

 7 Best Kombucha Brands

If you were to tell me 5 years ago that I would be drinking fermented tea, I would have probably called you crazy. Yeah, I had finally started embracing fermented foods…but tea?! I’m not what they would call an early adopter.

Fast forward to today and I crave this tart and fizzy drink! Adding a regular dose of kombucha to my diet has definitely improved my immune system, and even cleared my skin. Why? The probiotics of course!

Now here’s the thing…not all brands are the same. Some (in my opinion) are way better than others. As I’ve had my fair share, I went ahead and compiled this list of the 7 best kombucha brands available today.

I base this on things like the ingredients, taste, fermentation and bottling process. I also do my best to answer popular questions about kombucha. So follow along with this cheat sheet to find the brand you’ll love best!

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, slightly sour drink which has become extremely popular among those living a clean-eating lifestyle. But what exactly is it made of? Sweetened tea (green or black) and a beneficial culture of bacteria and yeast called “scoby”.

*When the tea is fermenting, sugars feed this amiable colony of bacteria and yeast. Any leftover sugar is listed as “total sugar” on the product’s label.

7 Best Kombucha Brands

What Does Kombucha Do To Your Body?

Kombucha has skyrocketed into popularity because…

  1. It’s packed with probiotics: Fermentation leads to probiotics. And where there are probiotics, there are gut health gains. This is why kombucha helps improve indigestion, inflammation and even lead to weight loss. If you want to know about more fermented foods then you NEED to check my blog on The Best Fermented Foods!
  2. It contains antioxidants: Green tea-based kombuchas also contain antioxidants that help your liver. Also known as polyphenols, they protect your body from oxidative damage which is often caused by free radicals.
  3. It has anti-bacterial properties: Packed with antibacterial compounds (such as acetic acid which is known to kill harmful microorganisms), it’s particularly effective against infection-causing bacteria’s and candida yeast.

Is There Alcohol In Kombucha?

There is a trace amount of alcohol in kombucha. Although most commercial products are labeled non-alcoholic because they contain less than 1% alcohol. If you’re planning to make your own batch at home it could have a higher alcohol content (up to around 3 %). This depends on the fermentation time.

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When Is The Best Time to Drink Kombucha?

The best time to drink kombucha for health benefits is in the morning on an empty stomach. Why you ask? Well, you haven’t eaten anything so there’s a better chance for the probiotics to make it to your large intention. To work their gut magic! But if you have a sensitive stomach, it will pair better midday with a meal. As a carbonated drink, it also keeps you full and can certainly be a part of your weight loss journey.

What Are The Best Brands?

I’ve tasted and tested maybe 90% of what’s available in the market and all I can say is…there are so many good (but also some bad) one’s out there. So, I’ve rounded up my top 7 best kombucha brands that will provide that fermentation fix you need!

7 Best Kombucha Brands
1. Synergy Raw Kombucha

If you’ve been searching high and dry for a healthier (low sugar) kombucha, G&T’s synergy blend will sit well with you and your gut. Their products are made with 95% raw kombucha and organic fruit to give it that perfect amount of sweetness. And here’s a tip: I suggest that you shake it up to distribute the pulp before you start drinking it.

7 Best Kombucha Brands
2. G&T Aqua Kefir

Craving something tangy? Well, this pear ginger flavored aqua kefir has the perfect balance of sour and sweet. Authentically fermented, it really is one of my favorites especially when I’m looking for refreshment.

7 Best Kombucha Brands
3. Suja Organic Kombucha

Can you ever go wrong with the citrusy sweet flavor of blood orange? Case and point: This cold-pressed juice/ kombucha fusion.

7 Best Kombucha Brands
4. Health Ade Kombucha

This Ginger-Lemon kombucha from Health-Ade has the right amount of kick. It also comes in a hefty two and a half gallon glass jars. So choose this one if you’re reaching for kombucha daily!

7 Best Kombucha Brands
5. Holy Kombucha Signature Brew

Organic. Raw. Frizzy. Yum! I love Holy Kombucha’s fun flavors like Green Apple Ginger and my favorite Moon Dance! This small Forth Worth based company really knows how to stand out on a shelf with their colorful packaging.

7 Best Kombucha Brands
6. Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Prep your taste buds because Buddha’s Brew offers full-strength kombucha! They never pasteurize or filter the product so you’re in for a powerful dose of probiotics. They also offer a wide range of flavors (14 options total).

7 Best Kombucha Brands
7. Better Booch

Last but not the least, this zero-calorie kombucha is one of the best you’ll find…especially if you’re trying to cut down on (or quit) sugar. Better Booch’s black tea blend has L-theanine which helps increase your focus! They also have a horchata flavor. How amazing is that?

This post contains affiliate links for products I use regularly and highly recommend.

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  1. your article was not helpful…no real info on the products/ lame influencer losing credibility.

  2. I have been drinking JTs for about 25 years, but will give these others a try.

  3. Thank you for your informative post. FYI…In your discussion of when to drink kombucha I think your spell check changed the term large intestine to large intention.

  4. My local Grocery Outlet used to have Booch Kombucha. It is positively delectable. But they only buy from what the warehouse has. Darn. They are out of it.

  5. You left out the best one….Rowdy Mermaid! Great flavors, clean and crisp. They also care about the environment, therefore, the brew comes in environmentally safe cans. Give it a try!

  6. I’ve recently started drinking kombucha also after researching some of the great benefits of consuming fermented foods (don’t get me started on kimchi). I haven’t tried all of these, but the one that’s my ultimate fav is not listed here and would highly recommend Brew Dr. Kombucha! I’m partial to Love, and Clear Mind, but really love all of them. They have more flavors on the West Coast but you can find them on the East too. The taste, IMHO is the absolute best. Please try it and let me know what you think also.

    1. I LOVE Brew Dr! They have special seasonal flavors that are available for a limited time which is kinda fun. Their sugar content is a bit higher than some though.

  7. Love this Lacey! Thank you for the easy to understand resource! I struggle explaining this to my clients and you obviously don’t struggle so thank you for the resource! 🙂

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