Preparing for Savannah…

Wow, time really flies.

Preparing for Savannah

Most of the time, I find it extremely hard to believe that Savannah will be joining our family any day now.  Then, I look down at my big ol’ belly or feel a kick or try to bend over or … and I remember just how close she really is.

Preparing for Savannah

I didn’t realize how much preparing I would need to do for a second child.  And, when I say preparing, I don’t necessarily mean buying the diapers or installing the infant car seat or even packing my hospital bag.  All those things are mostly done.  Key word: mostly.

Preparing for Savannah

I mean the emotional and mental preparation, which has proven to be somewhat difficult for me.

Preparing for Savannah

I have to admit…I have mixed feelings over choosing to add a second child into our happy little family.  I love things the way they are.  I love the relationship I have with Jordan and am, honestly, a bit worried that our relationship will never be the same once Savannah joins us.

Preparing for Savannah

Now, I also think Jordan is going to absolutely love being a big sister.  She already knows where Savannah’s room is, that Savannah is in my belly and that she has different toys than her own.  But, what she doesn’t yet understand is how different life will be with a second baby taking mommy’s time.  How could she? I don’t even understand this yet!  How will this affect her, I wonder?

Preparing for Savannah

Only time will tell.  If Savannah is anything like Jordan, life will only get better with her being around.

Preparing for Savannah

Other than that, it seems we are pretty much ready to bring a newborn baby home from the hospital.  It’s really amazing how much you do and don’t remember from the first time!

Preparing for Savannah

I will keep you updated with any news. As for this ‘lil blog-‘o-mine, I already have posts planned for when I’m in the hospital and for the first week back home so there shouldn’t be any gaps.  Key word: shouldn’t.

Preparing for Savannah

Now, we wait for Savannah!

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10 thoughts on “Preparing for Savannah…

  1. Will we be seeing homemade baby food recipes? I don’t have anymore babies (my baby just turned 10), but my friend has a baby and I love him so much…I wanna cook for him. He mostly eats homemade baby food. I miss babies.

  2. The best part of having multiple children is watching them love and care for each other. I have three children that are 19 and 16 months apart (Boy, girl, boy) and nothing brings a smile to my face more than to see them hug each other or sit in their car seats holding hands.

    1. Karen — that may be the sweetest image I have had in my mind for some time. I hadn’t thought about how they will hug each other or hold hands….so sweet! Thanks so much for that 🙂

  3. whoa, you know I’m having a difficult time believing that a whole nine months has gone by since learning of your impending joyful event. it just seems like it flew by. I’m hoping the birth is smooth, and wishing you and your family all the best. take care Lacey.

  4. This is such an exciting time for you all – waiting for little Savannah to come sit in your arms. All the luck and best wishes to all three of you for some very exciting, wonderful, sleepless 🙂 times ahead of you. Can’t wait to watch from afar!

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