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Ready for a summer mock-tail that the whole family can enjoy? This post will show you how to make the most delicious (and Instagrammable) Virgin Sangria with fresh fruit, sparkling water, and some juice if you prefer!

Virgin Sangria

Sun’s out, y’all. So bring out the TALL pitcher of delicious, ice-cold sangria! Dustin and I wanted everyone in the family to enjoy this cool summer special, so we decided to mix up a batch of Virgin Sangria. No kid left behind, no one out of place! It’s quite refreshing and the flavors are still spot on. So, we adults were more than happy to compromise.

Wait, what? Virgin Sangria? You mean like a virgin drink, no alcohol mixed in it?
Where’s the fun in an alcohol-free cooler?”

Hear me out! I promise you’ll want to try this fruit-filled, tasty as heck, and equally thirst-quenching version before reaching for that bottle of red wine. Although, this recipe can be easily tweaked to your preference.

Virgin Sangria

What Is Sangria Made of?

Sangria is a drink mixed with wine, fresh fruit, and juice. it all originated with The Sangria, a Spanish wine cocktail. It gained popularity and spread like wild fire because the fruit soaks delicious flavor into the wine and juice. You’ll recognize sangria by it’s fruity, refreshing and alcoholic taste. Red wine is typically used as the base. But some variations make use of white wine or rosé. Some people even add some brandy for flavor. Not us though, we’re going alcohol free!

Is Sangria Healthy?

Depending on your health goals, Sangria can be a healthier choice when it comes to alcoholic beverages. There are certain health benefits to having an occasional glass of wine or two (such as a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke).

The good thing about our virgin sangria is that it’s undisputedly healthy! Especially if you eat the fresh fruit. You’ll get a good dose of vitamins and minerals from that. A word of caution though. If you’re adding the optional fruit juice, keep an eye on the sugar content.

Does Virgin Sangria Contain Alcohol?

Nope! Virgin Sangria is non-alcoholic. It’s still made with a whole lot of fresh fruit, soaked in sparkling water (or grape juice if you prefer) to swap out the wine. It’s super kid-friendly and a great non-alcoholic alternative for events like a baby shower, your kid’s birthday bash, quality time with family and friends who don’t drink (or maybe can’t drink at the moment because they’re pregnant or taking medication), or even at a daytime office potluck.

With this virgin sangria there is no need to worry about getting a little tipsy, drunk from having one glass too many, or even worse, waking up to a hangover the next day. Is it just me or do hangovers get a lot worse as you get a little (older) wiser? 

Virgin Sangria

How To Make Virgin Sangria?

To make Virgin Sangria, you’ll need to mix a batch in advance and let it chill overnight in the fridge. I know, I also don’t like waiting! But it’ll be worth it once you take that first refreshing sip. But just in case you’re pressed for time for some last-minute mocktails, you can get away with preparing it three hours before serving. 

To begin making Virgin Sangria, you’ll need the following things from your kitchen:

  • A sharp kitchen knife
  • Chopping board
  • Clear glass pitcher
  • Liquid measuring cup

Here’s what you’ll do:

Step 1: Slice your fruit thinly, with the peel still on. Slicing thin will allow your liquid base to really soak through the fruit. This might ring familiar if you’ve made any of my Easy Infused Water Recipes.

Step 2: In the pitcher, mix together the sparkling water with any extra juice you’d like to add.

Step 3: Add your sliced fruit into the pitcher. Careful not to spill! 

Step 4: Keep the pitcher in the fridge and let the mixture rest overnight so that all the yummy flavors infuse together.

Step 5: When it’s ready to be served, top up your pitcher with extra carbonated water or juice. Pour it into a glass filled with some ice, and enjoy your Virgin Sangria!

Virgin Sangria

More tips to keep in mind when making Virgin Sangria:

  • Make sure you use pure juice, not concentrated stuff from the supermarket. It’ll add unwanted sugars into your mix and we’d rather keep it as clean as we can, am I right?
  • Speaking of juice, you could also choose to add some cranberry juice or pomegranate juice. Tweak according to your taste!
  • There’s no right or wrong in the type of fruits you want to use. Try some sliced peaches or pineapples if you like. You can go seasonal on your picks to keep it fresh and interesting! 
  • Take it one step further and make your Virgin Sangria extra cool by serving it with frozen seedless grapes. Because it’s still fruit, it won’t water down the flavors.
  • Make sure you use a clear glass pitcher so that the colorful, festive fruit shows through.
  • If you or your guests still prefer to have alcohol in your drink, perhaps you could top it off per glass instead of mixing it into the whole batch.
Virgin Sangria

How Do I Store Virgin Sangria?

You can keep leftover virgin sangria in the fridge, in an airtight container. If you’re not drinking it all right away (really??) it’ll last for a couple of days. You can also freeze your virgin sangria! Just pour it into an ice cube tray (or a popsicle mold) and you and your kids can enjoy it as a frozen fruity treat.

If you’re a fan of virgin drinks and your kids get excited trying some of the “adult stuff”, then this recipe will be right up your alley. It’s pretty simple to follow and easy to make. The more fruit you add, the better it will taste!

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Virgin Sangria
Virgin Sangria
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
3 hrs
Total Time
3 hrs 10 mins

The most delicious (and Instagrammable) Virgin Sangria with fresh fruit, sparkling water, and some juice if you prefer!

Categories: Drinks
Difficulty: Easy
Keyword: non alcoholic sangria, virgin sangria, virgin sangria recipe
Servings: 6 cups
Calories: 7 kcal
Author: A Sweet Pea Chef
  • 1 lemon thinly sliced, with peel
  • 1/2 lime thinly sliced, with peel
  • 1 medium orange thinly sliced, with peel
  • 1 small apple cored, sliced into 8ths, with peel
  • 1 small black plum thinly sliced, with peel
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 cup water
  • 5 cups sparkling water
  • 1-2 cups Fruit Juice (grape, apple, etc.) For more flavor, replace some of the sparkling water with a low-sugar fruit juice.
  1. Combine the fruits and water in a large pitcher.

  2. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, overnight preferably, to allow for flavors to combine.
  3. Prior to serving, add mineral/carbonated water and stir together.
Nutrition Facts
Virgin Sangria
Amount Per Serving (1 cup)
Calories 7 Calories from Fat 9
% Daily Value*
Fat 1g2%
Saturated Fat 1g5%
Sodium 86mg4%
Potassium 33mg1%
Carbohydrates 2g1%
Fiber 1g4%
Sugar 1g1%
Protein 1g2%
Vitamin C 12mg15%
Calcium 26mg3%
Iron 1mg6%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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    I had made this amazing drink for my friend’s surprise birthday party and everyone LOVED it! Everyone asked me for the recipe. Even the kids loved it a lot!
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