Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies | 6 Tasty Recipes

A healthy smoothie that reduces inflammation (and tastes good too) is the best of both worlds! This post will share 6 of the best anti-inflammatory smoothies, and tips for better blending.

I’ve gotten loads of positive feedback surrounding my anti-inflammation posts, along with requests for more content on the topic.

You know I love y’all, and your wishes are my command!

So I’ve already touched on the top anti-inflammatory foods, foods that cause inflammation and even shared a 5 day anti-inflammatory diet. This got me to thinking…how about one on the best anti-inflammatory smoothies!

They’re here, they’re healthy, and they taste fab! Instead of winging it, keep reading to find the best smoothies to reduce your inflammation. It’ll help you live healthy and feel better, each day. Let’s go!

What Are Natural Anti-Inflammatories?

Organic foods that help to reduce inflammation in the body are considered natural anti-inflammatories. Spices (like turmeric and ginger) along with certain drinks also fall into this camp. They may not magically make your inflammation disappear overnight but, over time, they can really help. And keep it from getting worse.

*If really want to jumpstart a diet that focuses on natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, feel free to check out my 5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

Does Honey Cause Inflammation?

Honey will usually only cause inflammation if you’re choosing a brand that’s weighed down by added sugar and weird preservatives. High-sugar diets are linked to inflammation. On the other hand, raw honey is anti-inflammatory…and antibacterial as a bonus! If you’re suffering from chronic inflammation, my suggestion for you is to find high-quality raw honey that’s natural and organic.

What Fruits Are Good for Anti-Inflammation Smoothies?

The best fruits to reduce inflammation contain lots of antioxidants and powerful bioactive compounds.

Such as the following!

  1. Berries: Top of the list! Berries are full of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Particular antioxidants called anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory components that lower your risk of disease.
  2. Watermelon: Lots of lycopene here! Watermelon contains a notable amount of this powerful nutrient, which has antioxidant-like protection. It reduces the risk of cancer insurgence, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes.
  3. Apples: Why do they keep the doctor away? Apples have around 3 grams of fiber, mostly composed of pectin (the soluble fiber). Good bacteria in your gut love this stuff! And a strong gut lining helps protect you from inflammatory compounds.
  4. Avocados: Ripe with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, potassium, magnesium, and fiber, avocados are wonderful for reducing inflammation.
  5. Oranges: Along with a bright citrus flavor, oranges add excellent inflammation-reducing nutrients to your smoothies. And your immune system will surely thank you for the vitamin C.
Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

Are Blueberries Anti-Inflammatory?

They don’t call blueberries a superfood for nothing! I think they’re one of those fruits that truly highlight the concept of food as medicine. Blueberries are full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Of particular note are flavonoids, which are being studied as extremely helpful agents in fighting inflammation. If your goal is to regulate your immune system, blueberries contain chemicals that are very helpful for this purpose.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies

As someone who strives to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle, adding anti-inflammatory smoothies to my daily diet is a must. Here are my top 6 favorites.

1. Blueberry Protein Shake

Blueberries. Need I say more? With so many anti-inflammatory antioxidants, I had to put this blueberry protein smoothie first. Choose this one if you want to stay full for a longer period of time. It has full-fat Greek yogurt, almond milk and protein powder as its protein sources. It’s really nutritious!

If you’ve been reading the blog for long, you know I’m a fan of shakes and smoothies and in particular, those made with an awesome protein boost. I wanted the healthy addition to fit with my clean eating regimen and that’s why I created cleanish Brand protein powder – to make these shakes extra good and beneficial. 

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies
2. Pink Power Protein Beet Smoothie

Yes indeed, beets can decrease inflammation. This is because they’re absolutely packed with betalains and nitrates! Naturally making it one of my best anti-inflammatory smoothies. Do you love the color too? You’ll find a similar shade in my beet hummus recipe.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies
3. Kiwi and Kale Smoothie

This is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties! The combo of the kale with the kiwi is so vibrant and fresh. It also contains almond milk and banana – so I think it makes a great breakfast smoothie.  

Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies
4. Green Protein Smoothie

Leafy green veggies are key players in reducing inflammation and also work well in smoothies. We’re talking spinach, kale, leaf lettuce, swiss chard, and collard greens. Here, I use a frozen banana, peanut butter (because: yum!), coconut milk, and fresh baby spinach along with the cleanish Vanilla Bean protein powder.

 Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies
5. Blueberry Muffin Protein Smoothie

Make way for the anti-inflammatory star, it’s blueberry! This purple jar of goodness is one of my fam’s favorites! And is a great choice if you like blueberries, blueberry muffins, sweet treats, and/or protein shakes in general.

 Best Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies
6. Caramel Apple Smoothie

This Caramel Apple Smoothie has all the flavors of a caramel apple, packed into a nutritious and healthy fruit smoothie. No caramel involved, the sweetness actually comes from dates!

More Anti-Inflammatory Recipes

Pair your smoothie with some of these recipes for a powerfully anti-inflammatory diet:

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