50+ Easy And Delicious Healthy Holiday Recipes Your Whole Family Will LOVE!

Use this Healthy Holiday Recipes list to create a nutritious and delicious menu worthy of any celebration. Look here for healthy holiday recipes including entrées, side dishes, and delectable desserts that are wholesome, clean-eating, and easy to make. From breakfast on Christmas morning to appetizers on New Year’s Eve, this list will make sure you have an enjoyable holiday season!

Use this Healthy Holiday Recipes list to create a nutritious and delicious menu worthy of any celebration. Look here for healthy holiday recipes including entrées, side dishes, and delectable desserts that are wholesome, clean-eating, and easy to make. From breakfast on Christmas morning to appetizers on New Year’s Eve, this list will make sure you have an enjoyable holiday season!
Christmas is just around the corner. We can almost touch it.

Are you excited? I really hope you are enthusiastic about the fun to come and not too stressed. I know the holidays can be taxing and full of demands. So many things to do and not enough time – cooking, baking, and struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle when there are so many temptations around. I want you to be able to enjoy the holidays without the added stress, and I also want you to be healthy. Let me take care of the healthy holiday recipes for you, leaving you to enjoy the other good things about the season.

I made this list just for you! It’s a handy resource of healthy holiday recipes that are easy to make and taste just as good, if not better, than the traditional recipes that are anything but healthy.

Meals built around celebrations are always an expression of love, but are usually loaded with sugar, fat, carbs, and ingredients that are not nutritional, nor good for you. Well, not anymore. I’ve got you covered! These Christmas recipes are healthy, clean-eating approved, and light. While still being totes delicious. Obviously.

This list is perfect for last-minute planning and it will save you loads of time. No need to search for the ideal recipe to suit every taste. You have everything you need here, in one place. And to start it all off, I have listed the tools you need to make cooking and baking fun, yet efficient. Then, there are my 3 top tips for a healthy holiday meal.

After that? The best list ever to get your healthy holiday recipe planning off to an awesome start.

Happy dance!

Shall we begin now?

All four ingredients, the fresh cranberries, orange zest, raw honey, and orange juice, are in a sauce pan to be cooked down to make the best homemade cranberry sauce.Close up image of fresh pumpkin ice cream being poured out of a glass bowl into a loaf pan, to be frozen.


What tools and kitchen essentials do you need to make holiday meal prep a breeze? The tools I can’t do without are listed here:

  • Start with a baking sheet because you will need it more than ever this time of the year. For cookies, of course. But also for roasting veggies.
  • Get your saucepan ready because the holiday season requires hot drinks and… cranberry sauce. And cinnamon apples. YUM.
  • You’ll need mixing bowls for pretty much anything baking and cooking related.
  • Mason jars are perfect for breakfast in a jar or for storing healthy cookies.
  • Loaf pan – say no more! Essential for ice cream (yes, you can make ice cream in a loaf pan!) and for holiday breads.
  • During the holidays, you’ll probably rely on casserole dishes to prep sides for the entire family. So, you’ll definitely need a casserole dish.
  • Is your blender ready for the season’s yummiest meals and desserts? It should be!
  • To make some of the healthy holiday recipes I’ve listed, you’ll need a large fry pan or a large skillet.
  • For turkey leftovers, make sure you have a stock pot because turning those leftovers into a delicious soup is the best way to enjoy them.
  • I really recommend putting your food processor to work. It’s very useful and it makes baking and cooking a snap.
  • For healthy homemade pies, a pie plate is a must-have.

Mixing bowl filled with the steamed sweet potatoes, ground cinnamon, and pure maple syrup, being mashed by hand using a potato masher.


Healthy holiday recipes are even better when you follow these tips:

  • If you’re hosting Christmas dinner, choose scrumptious holiday dishes that are quick and easy to prep.
  • To make these seasonal dishes nutritious, look for healthy alternatives. Coconut sugar is a great replacement for white refined sugar. Coconut oil is better for you than butter. Whole wheat flour or paleo flours such as coconut flour and almond flour are healthier than all-purpose flour and they are great in Christmas recipes. Particularly in desserts.
  • Make a list of healthy holiday recipes and stick to it. It will make prepping and cooking the celebration meal easier and stress-free. The holiday recipes on this list are all easy to make BTW, so it’s a great starting point!

Overhead image of a food processor, filled with ingredients mixed to make a flaky pie crust.


I’ve categorized the healthy holiday recipes below to make your meal planning easy peasy and the dishes a pleasure to prepare. I’ve chosen some of my favorites and the emphasis is on clean-eating and nutrition. You can easily make this the merriest holiday ever while feeling good about what you are feeding your family. Planning last-minute? This list has all you need. Looking for everything from drinks to desserts? You’ll find all you need here! Choose your menu from these selections and have fun in the kitchen!

Close up image of a cooling tray with freshly baked Paleo Apple Crunch Muffins, with slices of green apple beside it.


Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast to give you energy for a busy day! Whether you prep it the night before or pull hot muffins out of the oven, a holiday breakfast is a real treat.

View of two mason jars filled with Non-Alcoholic Eggnog on a wooden tray, with cinnamon sticks in the eggnog.


One of the first things you do when a guest walks through the door is offer a delicious holiday drink. Try one of these:

Bowl of caramelized onion dip topped with fresh thyme leaves, and ready to be dipped with fresh carrots, celery stiicks, sweet potato chips and red bell pepper slices.


It’s always wonderful to have nutritional but extra special munchies on hand. Veggies and dip and fruit, meat, and cheese platters are the best!

Overhead image of a whole Thanksgiving Turkey, baked and placed on a white platter, ready to be carved. Apple and orange slices are placed on the white tray as well.


And now, off to the star of the show, the entrée! These are a few of the entrées my guests love:

Overhead image of a white casserole dish filled with Healthy Green Bean Casserole, topped with crispy onions. A wooden spoon is dipped into the casserole.


I think the right side dishes are what makes a meal a success. These healthy holiday recipes not only taste amazing, but have tons of nutrients, too:

Overhead image of 3 Ingredient Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark broken into pieces on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.


I always leave room for dessert. After all, I love a clean-eating, good-for-you treat! Try one of these:

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