non-alcoholic drinks


Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Mojito

I admit I'm extremely looking forward to enjoying a nice chilled glass of Riesling for dessert or even a cold beer while I watch a baseball game. After the baby comes, of course (hint, hint, baby Savannah!). But, in the meantime, I have enjoyed putting together some tasty non-alcoholic, baby-friendly concoctions, such as this Non-Alcoholic [...]

non-alcoholic drinks


Non-Alcoholic Eggnog

Not sure how things are in your house, but when the holiday season comes around, eggnog takes a welcomed spot in our fridge. Dustin seems to have some sort of eggnog radar when we are grocery shopping.  I know it's the holiday season, not when the leaves start changing and the weather gets colder, but [...]

non-alcoholic drinks


Hot Apple Cider Recipe

I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful holiday weekend filled with family, friends, good times and great food. Without fail, I find I am so sad when the summer comes to an end because I think it is my favorite time of year.  But, as the leaves begin to change, the weather starts to [...]